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    1 Function: _def_datadir
    2 Class: default
    3 Section: default
    4 C-Name: sd_datadir
    5 Prototype:
    6 Help:
    7 Doc: the name of directory containing the optional data files. For now,
    8  this includes the \kbd{elldata}, \kbd{galdata}, \kbd{galpol}, \kbd{seadata}
    9  packages.
   11  The default value is \kbd{/usr/local/share/pari}, or the override specified
   12  via \kbd{Configure --datadir=}.
   14  \misctitle{Windows-specific note} On Windows operating systems, the
   15  special value \kbd{@} stands for ``the directory where the \kbd{gp}
   16  binary is installed''. This is the default value.