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Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.6 (2021-02-04)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.6 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.5 (2021-01-28)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.5 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.4 (2020-12-21)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.4 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.3 (2020-12-11)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.3 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.2 (2020-12-02)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.2 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.1 (2020-11-18)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.1 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.0 (2020-11-13)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.7.0 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.3 (2020-06-10)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.3 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.



Changelog for ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.2 (2020-02-21)

The following sections list the changes in ownCloud Desktop Client 2.6.2 relevant to ownCloud admins and users.




version 2.6.1 (2020-01-17) (last updated on de0d330c002436454f3fe4929bd707e5f0425949)

Changes: * GUI: Change the display name to “server (user name)”, show the full text in the tooltip (#6728) * GUI: Add quit button to the settings dialog (#7547) * GUI: Show a warning that proxy settings do not apply to localhost (#7169) * CLI: Make it possible to show settings/quit by command line invocation (#7018, #7547) * Linux: Add action to Desktop file to show settings, quit the client (#7018, #7547)

Bugfixes: * Sync: Correctly sync files on Windows after they got unlocked (owncloud/enterprise#3609) * Log: Message priority wasn’t handled correctly so the console log was flooded(#7453) * Vfs: Do not overwrite existing files by placeholder (#7557, #7556) * Discovery: Allow more HTTP error code to be treated as ignored dir (#7586) * GUI: Limit the clickable region of the ‘add folder’ button (#7326) * GUI: Don’t show the “All files deleted” popup when unselecting everything with selective sync (#7337) * GUI: Don’t put a too big icon in about dialog (#7574) * Shell Integration: Don’t assume read-only folder when permissions are not known (#7330) * Sync: Temporary disable http2 support by default again (#7610) * Windows Installer: Remember install location on auto update (#7580)

version 2.6.0 (2019-11-11) (last update on 5131f50ff048d5213aa69edfbae349de2822498a)

Major changes and additions: * Rewrote discovery code for performance improvements and better maintainability. * Tech Preview: Add native virtual files mode for Windows 10. (https://github.com/owncloud/client/wiki/Virtual-Files-on-Windows-10) * Tech Preview: Improvements and fixes for all virtual files mode (https://github.com/owncloud/client/wiki/Virtual-Files) * Add basic support for libcloudproviders for gtk/gnome integration (#7209) * Remove support for Shibboleth auth, please use OAuth2 server app (#6451)

Some small changes and bug fixes: * Sync: Better detection of complex renames * Sync: Add workarounds so HTTP2 may be enabled with Qt >=5.12.4 (#7092, #7174) * Sync: When propagating new remote directories, set local mtime to server mtime (#7119) * Sync: Add support for asynchronous upload operations (core#31851) * Sync: Handle blacklisted_files server capability (#434) * Sync: Fix downloading of files when the database is used for local discovery * Sync: Fix sync progress when virtual files are created (#6933) * Sync: Fix issue with a folder being renamed into another renamed folder (#6694) * Sync: Reduce client-triggered touch ignore duration from 15s to 3s * Sync: Fix file attribute propagation when propagating conflicts * Sync: Fix local discovery when removing a selective sync exclusion * Sync: Fix detection of case-only renames on Windows * Sync: Fix race conditions in the linux folder watcher (#7068) * Sync: Fix issue with special characters in the filename and chunked uploads (#7176) * Sync: Fix renaming a single file causing the “all files deleted” popup (#7204) * Sync: Reduce memory use during uploads by not reading whole chunks to memory (#7226) * Sync: Don’t abort on 404, 500, 503 errors (#5088, #5859, #7199) * Sync: Fix parsing of etags, improving move detection (#7271, #7345) * Sync: If a move is forbidden, restore the source (#7410) * Sync: When moving is allowed but deleting is not, do not restore moved items (#7293) * Sync: Fix delete-before-rename bug (#7441) * Sync: Delay job execution a bit (#7439) * Sync: Make sure we schedule only one job (#7439) * Sync: PropagateDownload: Don’t try to open readonly temporaries (#7419) * Sync: Don’t fatal on “Storage temporarily unavailable” (#5088) * Experimental: Add capability to sync file deltas. (#179) (https://github.com/owncloud/client/wiki/DeltaSync) * Vfs: The online-only/available-locally flag applies to new remote files now. * Vfs: Introduce actions and warning text for switching vfs on and off. * Vfs: Cannot be used with selective sync at the same time. * Vfs: Can now be fully enabled or disabled. * Vfs: Suffix mode ignores remote files with the suffix (#6953) * Vfs: Fix behavior when file is renamed and suffix is added/removed at the same time (#7001) * Vfs: Improve notifications for file creation actions (#7101) * Vfs: Improve user-visible aspects of pinning and availability (#7111) * Vfs: Add note about which plugin is in use to about dialog (#7137) * Vfs: Fix reliability of “Download file” context menu action (#7124) * Vfs: Fix crash when dehydrating a complete folder * Vfs: Make “Free space” context menu action only enabled when it has an effect (#7143) * Vfs: Ensure the database temporaries are marked as excluded (#7141) * Vfs: Don’t dehydrate existing data when switching on (#7302) * Vfs: Fix move detection when virtual files are involved (#7001) * Vfs: Lots of tests and corrections for suffix edge cases (#7350, #7261) * GUI: Adjust “new public link share” ui so options can be set before share creation * GUI: Added action to open folder in browser to selective sync context menu (#6471) * GUI: Add server version info to SSL info button (#6628) * GUI: Allow log window of running client to be opened via command line * GUI: Introduce conflict resolution actions to right-click menu of conflicts and files in read-only directories (#6252) * GUI: Update sooner when user resolves a conflict (#7073) * GUI: Improve error message for missing data in server replies (#7112) * GUI: Remove log window, instead focus on easy handling of log files (#6475) * GUI: Fix notification buttons sometimes getting their own window (#7185) * GUI: Notifications: Remove do-nothing “OK” button (#7355) * GUI: Add “Show file versions” context menu action (#7196) * GUI: Fix layout in “Add Certificate” dialog (#7184) * GUI: Fix duplicated error message for fatal errors (#5088) * GUI: Fix selective sync ui initial state after account creation (#7336) * GUI: Improve help text in ignore editor (#7162) * GUI: Show restoration items in protocol * Sharing: Fix issues with enforced passwords and expiry (#7246, #7245) * Sharing: Fix resharing an item in a share with limited permissions (#7275) * Sharing: Use the default expiration date even when not enforced (#7256) * Sharing: When sharing from context menu, show dialog if share creation fails (#7286) * Sharing: Always show at least readonly permissions (#7429) * OSX: Fix issues with Finder integration being gone after reboot * OSX: Use the same implementation as on Linux/Windows for the settings dialog (#7371) * Linux: Add autostart delay to avoid tray icon issues (#6518) * Folder watcher: Test before relying on it (#7241) * Client certs: Fix storage of large certs in older Windows versions (#6776) * Updater: Show a nicer version string In the “available update” notification (#6602) * Updater: Set correct state on network error (#3933) * Updater: Provide more useful options on update failure (#7217) * Updater: Improve logging (#3475, #7388) * Updater: Fix Version numer not shown in the user visible string (#7288) * DB: Database path for new folders now starts with “.sync_”, avoiding the “._” (#5904) * File hashes: Add support for SHA256 and SHA3 * Cmd: Respect chunk sizing environment variables (#7078) * Log: Don’t write to logdir if –logfile is passed (#6909) * Log: Make –logfile - work on Windows * Log: Make –logdir compress logs reliably (#7353) * Log: Print critical and fatal messages to stderr * Doc: Migrate the documentation to Antora (#6785) * Doc: Update Windows build instructions * Doc: Add explanation of how to manually change server url (#6579) * Doc: List more environment variables * Doc: List more config file options (owncloud/docs#1365) * Build: Fix KDEInstallDirs deprecation warnings (#6922) * Build: Fixes for compiling on “remarkable” tablet (#6870) * Build: Add PLUGINDIR variable for finding vfs plugins (#7027) * Build: Drone (#7426) * Build: Remove ‘binary’ submodule, remove outdated VS projects * Translations: Change the way we pull in translations (#7426) * Remove the WebKit dependency (#6451) * Several performance optimizations * Update SQLite3 to 3.27.2 (if bundled) * Many test improvements (like #6358)

version 2.5.4 (2019-03-19) * Crash fix: Infinite recursion for bad paths on Windows (#7041) * Crash fix: SocketApi mustn’t send if readyRead happens after disconnected (#7044) * Fix rare error causing spurious local deletes (#6677) * Disable HTTP2 support due to bugs in Qt 5.12.1 (#7020, QTBUG-73947) * Fix loading of persisted cookies when loading accounts (#7054) * Windows: Fix breaking of unrelated explorer actions (#7004, #7023) * Windows: Forbid syncing of files with bytes 0x00 to 0x1F in filenames (#6987) * macOS: Opt out of dark mode until problems can be addressed (#7043) * macOS: Fix folder dehydration requests (#6977) * Linux: Tray: Try to establish tray after 10s if failed initially (#6518) * Linux: FolderWatcher: Work around missing notifications (#7068) * Shares: “copy link” action can create shares with expiry (#7061) * Selective sync: Don’t collapse folder tree when changing selection (#7055) * Client cert dialog: Avoid incorrect behavior due to multiple signal connections

version 2.5.3 (2019-02-07) * Connectivity: Add a noUnauthedRequests branding option * Credentials: Warn in log if keychain-write jobs fail (#6776) * Database: Move drop-index to after pragmas are set (#6881) * Download: Ignore Content-length for compressed HTTP2/SPDY replies (#6885)

version 2.5.2 (2019-01-25) * Crash fix: macOS: When opening settings dialog (#6930) * Crash fix: macOS: While app is in background * Crash fix: When deleting an account (#6893) * Crash fix: During password dialog * SyncJournalDB: Change sqlite3 locking_mode to “exclusive” (#6881) * Wizard: Fix setting up accounts with SSL client certs (#6911) * Sync: Fix duplicate slashes in destination of MOVE operation (#6904) * Sync: Fix file unlocking triggering too many syncs (#6822) * GUI: Increase default size of ignore list editor (#6641) * GUI: Fix background color of SSL info button (#871) * GUI: Ctrl-L and Cmd-L open the log window (F12 is sometimes taken) * Vfs: Fix problem with dehydrating a file on OSX (#6844) * Vfs: Do not show settings window when opening a virtual file (#6764) * Settings: Fix lookup of system override settings (e.g. from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) * macOS: New “make macdeployqt” target instead of deploying Qt on “make install”

version 2.5.1 (2018-11-09) * OAuth2: Refresh the token without aborting the sync (#6814) * OAuth2: Fix migration from BasicAuth when the server uses LDAP * Linux: FolderWatcher: fix paths after dir renames (#6808) * Sync: Always recurse within touched directory (#6804) * Sync: Fixed crash when aborting sync of large files with older servers * Sync: Don’t error out if X-OC-MTime header is missing (#6797) * Sync: Fix memory leak during upload (#6699) * Sync: Server Move: Fix too many starting slashes in the destination header (#6824) * Sync: Windows: Don’t check if a server file name can be encoded (#6810) * Virtual Files: Renaming a virtual files also rename the file on the server (#6718) * Virtual Files: Disable the ‘choose what to sync’ in the new folder wizard when virtual files are selected * Account Settings: Add a context menu entry to enable or disable virtual files (#6725) * Account Settings: Fix progress being written in white when there are errors * Account Settings: Link to about dialog from old about space in General Settings * GUI: Plug a few smaller memory leaks * Wizard: Reset the QSslConfiguration before checking the server (#6832) * Wizard: Manual folder configuration should not create the local folder (#6853) * Windows Shell Integration: No limit on the amount of selected files (#6780) * Windows Shell Integration: Make OCUtil helper lib static and link it statically against crt * Windows: Disable autostartCheckBox if autostart is configured system wide (#6816) * Windows: Make qFatal() trigger the crash reporter on Windows (#6823) * macOS: Fix icon name in Info.plist * macOS: Do not select ownCloud in Finder after installation (#6781) * macOS: Improve macdeployqt.py * Discovery: Include path in error message (#6826) * Database: Allow downgrade from 2.6 * Migration from 2.4: fallback to move file by file if directory move failled (#6807) * owncloudcmd: Read server version and dav user id from the server (#6830)

version 2.5.0 (2018-09-18) * Local discovery: Speed up by skipping directories without changes reported by the file system watcher. * Experimental option to create virtual files (e.g. my_document.txt.owncloud) and download contents on demand (“placeholders”) * Windows: Add sync folders to Explorer’s navigation pane (#5295) * Config: Client configuration in roaming profile on Windows, XDG conform on Linux (#684, #2245) * Experimental option to upload conflict files (#4557) * Conflicts: Change conflict file naming scheme * Conflicts: Add user name to conflict file name (#6325) * Conflicts: Better comparison when connection broke (#6626) * Conflicts: Deal with file/folder conflicts (#6312) * Conflicts: Change tray icon for unresolved conflicts (#6277) * Conflicts: Add documentation link to conflicts listing (#6396) * Conflicts: Change tags to be more user friendly (#6365) * Share dialog: Allow opening it if the file’s contents are still syncing (#4608) * Share dialog: Don’t hide account settings when opening it (#6185) * Share dialog: Remove odd grey square on OSX (#5774) * Share dialog: Preserve the entered password when unrelated changes are done (#6512) * Share dialog: Fix Re-shares not not showing up (#6666) * Sharing: Add “copy public link” to menu (#6356) * Share link: Update permission wording (#6192) * Private links: improve legacy fileid derivation (#6745) * User shares: Show avatars * OAuth2: Remove the timeout (#6612) * Wizard: Remove the “Skip folder config” button and instead add a radio button (#3664) * Wizard: Fix for back button in OAuth2 (#6574) * Wizard: add a context menu to copy the OAuth2 link (enterprise * Wizard: Put errors into a scroll area (#6546) * Wizard: show a message when the URL is invalid * Wizard: pre-select the right radio button (#6685) * Selective Sync: Do not abort applying selective sync if one folder has an error (#6675) * Protocol: Introduce context menu with “open in browser” (#6121) * Protocol: Correct sorting by size (#6326) * Issues tab: Invalidate issues selectively (#6226) * Issues tab: Don’t allow two issues for the same file/folder * Issues tab: addItem performance improvement * Activities: Remove the text that a server does not support activities when the account is removed (#6679) * Activities: Handle the fact that the username can contain a ‘@’ (#6728) * Notifications: Lower hiding timeout * Notifications: Also have clickable link (#6236) * Shell integration: Add “Open in browser” entry in the explorer menu (#5903) * Sync journal: Fix crash when unmounting a drive while a sync is running (#6049) * Client certs: Improve error message (#6128) * Settings: Hide selective sync buttons while disconnected (#5809) * Settings: Show account page when account created * Settings: Move “About” to a dialog (#6075) * Settings: Force sync should wipe the blacklist (#6757) * Excludes: Optimize further the matching of exclude files using regular expression * Windows: Update Overlay Icon naming * Windows: Release handle/fd when file open fails (#6699) * Config: Look for exclude file in a relative path. * Config: Versionize settings * Settings: Fix rename migration issue on old macOS * Credentials: Re-try on Linux if daemon not running (#4274, #6522) * Windows: Fixed MSVC build and compiler bugs * Proxy: Hostname validation and reconnection on setting change (#6140) * owncloudcmd: Set proxy earlier (#6281) * Exclude regex: Restore old matching on Windows (#6245) * Build system: Modernize the CMakeLists.txt files * Use standard png2ico * Sync: When detecting a local move, keep the local mtime (#6629) * Sync: Better error handling for local directory parsing (#6610) * Sync: Error if properties are missing (#6317) * Sync: Recover when the PUT reply (or chunkin’s MOVE) is lost (#5106) * Sync: Do not abort a sync if the server closes the connection (#6516) * Sync: Increase the timeout for the last MOVE/PUT for huge files (#6527) * Sync: Fix renames making hierarchy inversion (#6694) * Sync: RemotePermissions: Fix empty vs null (#4608) * Sync: Fix the “direction” of the “all file delted” message when the server is reset (#6317) * Data-Fingerprint: Fix backup detection when fingerprint is empty * propagateuploadv1: Fixed an assert with ownCloud 5 * Download: Use the from the reply in the error message (#6459, #6459) * SocketAPI: dynamic action menu * Hidden option to move remote-deleted files to trash (#6265) * FolderStatusModel: Refresh folders on Problem sync (#6337) * SyncJournal: Clear etag filter before sync * SyncEngine: Use separate state for two unicode conversions * owncloudcmd: Do not read the proxy settings from the gui’s config file * ProgressInfo: Add information for local vs remote discovery * SyncResult: Make sure the number of conflicts is correct (#6226) * Remove the “CSync” wording from the error messages * Apply branding to crashreporter resources file * SslButton: Add HTTP/2 info (#3146) * SslButton: Improve speed (especially on macOS) (#6031) * Folder: normalize the local path. (#4424) * Folder: Fix checking if the folder can be used as sync folder (#6654) * Blacklisting must prevent parent etag updates (#6411) * FolderStatusModel: fix potential assert * Nautilus integration: Not a ColumnProvider * Nautilus integration: Fix python3 compatibility (#6406, #6643) * Nautilus: Guard against None state (#6643) * Dolphin plugin: fall back if $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is empty * Notify if an explicitly excluded folder is created (#6222) * Theme: unify ownCloudTheme and Theme classes * SyncJournalDb::setSelectiveSyncList: Always use a transaction (#6431) * Folders: Use “Problem” icon for unresolved conflicts (#6277) * macOS: Unload the Finder extension on exit (#5382, #3819) * Logging: Go to new file on Problem/Abort too (#6442) * Logging: Compress log when switching files (#6442) * Logging: Add persistent auto-logdir option (#6442) * Logging: .owncloudsynclog: Allow 10 MB of size (#6420) * Logging: .owncloudsynclog: Persist X-Request-ID for correlation with server (#6420) * UI: High-DPI layout fixes * Network settings: Better warnings about bad configuration (#5885) * Folder watcher: Show a notification if it becomes unreliable (#6119) * Ignore editor: Preserve comments in the exclude list file * Updater: Support EXE->MSI upgrade (different code than 2.4) * Updater: Remove unused installers before copying new ones into the appdata dir (#6690) * ConnectionValidator: change the minimum server version to 7.0 * ConnectionValidator: Warn when the server version is less than 10.0 * Valgrind: Refactorings to avoid errors * Crash fixes (#6562 and more) * Windows: Fix missing company name in our DLLs * Windows: Appveyor/craft changes * Linux: More tray workarounds (#6545) * libocsync: Rename to ${APPLICATION_EXECUTABLE}_csync * Don’t use Qt deprecated API now that we required Qt 5.6

version 2.4.3 (2018-08-13) * Windows: Don’t ignore files with FILE_ATTRIBUTE_TEMPORARY (#6696, #6610) * OAuth2: Fix infinite loop when the refresh token is expired * Windows MSI: Fix crash in the auto updater * Nautilus: Guard against None state (#6643)

version 2.4.2 (2018-07-18) * Linux: Tray workarounds (#6545) * Fix nautilus/nemo shell issues (#6393, #6406) * Updater: Add update channel feature (#6259) * Updater: Support EXE->MSI upgrade * SyncJournal: Fixes for sync folders on removable media (#6049, #6049) * SslButton: Add HTTP/2 info (#3146) * Fix assert when using ownCloud server 5 (which you should not) (#6403) * Normalize local path (#4424) * Blacklisting must prevent parent etag updates (#6411) * macdeployqt: Adjust minimum version based on our Qt (#5932) * macOS: Unload the Finder extension on exit (#5382, #3819) * Upload: Adjust timeout for final job based on file size (#6527) * Sync: When detecting a local move, keep the local mtime (#6629) * Credentials: Retry fetching from the keychain in case the keychain is still starting (#4274, #6522) * OAuth2: Try to refresh the token even if the credentials weren’t ready (#6522)

version 2.4.1 (2018-03-05) * Ignore files with file names that can’t be encoded for the filesystem (#6287, #5676, #5719) * Issues: Speed up insertion and add hard upper limit (#6272) * Notifications: Fix “Dismiss” action * Notifications: Fix timer invocation on macOS * Notifications: Immediately poll when account online * Protocol: Remove entries for auto resolved conflicts (#6316) * owncloudcmd: Set proxy before capabilities call (#6281) * owncloudcmd: Do not do the capability call when –nonshib is passed * Avatars: Use old location for servers <10 (#6279) * Link shares: Change default share name (#6298) * Sharing: Use maximum allowed permissions for new share (#6346) * Nautilus integration: Work with python2 and python3 * Windows: Don’t delete contents behind directory junctions (#6322) * SyncJournal: Don’t use LIKE with paths (#6322) * Fix setting launch-on-startup when the first account is set up (#6347) * HTTP2: Only allow with Qt 5.9.4 (#6285) * Crash fixes

version 2.4.0 (2017-12-21) * If you’re using 2.4.0 alpha1, please upgrade as previous alphas/rcs had an issue with hidden files and renames! * OAuth2 authentication support by opening external browser (#5668) * Shibboleth: Change to use OAuth2 if supported (#6198) * Sharing: Add support for multiple public link shares (#5655) * Sharing: Add option to copy/email private links (#5023, #5627) * Sharing: Add option “show file listing” (#5837) * Sharing: Show warning that links are public (#5747) * Sharing: Sharing dialog redesign: multiple share links support (#5695) * Sharing: Make “can edit” partially checked sometimes (#5642) * Sharing: Trigger a sync for folder affected by a change of sharing (#6098) * Wizard: Never propose an existing folder for syncing (#5597) * Wizard: Don’t show last page anymore, go to settings directly (#5726) * Wizard: Handle url-shortener redirects (#5954) * Wizard: Resolve url/ redirects only if url/status.php not found (#5954) * Wizard: Add explanation text when server error is shown (#6157) * Wizard: Update the window size on high dpi screen (#6156) * Wizard: Don’t report confusing error message (#6116) * Gui: Display the user server avatar (#5482) * Gui: Use display name of user, not internal name * Server URL: Update configuration in case of permanent redirection (#5972) * Gui: Allow to add multiple sync folder connection of the same folder (#6032) * Tray Menu: More detailed status messages * Tray Menu: Shibboleth: raise the browser when clicking on the tray (#6105) * Activity: Link errors from the account tab, allow filtering by account/folder (#5861) * Activity: Present conflicts more prominently (#5894) * Activity: Allow sorting the columns in issues and protocol tabs (#6093, #6086) * Selective Sync: Open sub folder context menu (#5596) * Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading db (#5772) * Selective Sync: Remove local files of unselected folder despite other modified files (#5783) * Excludes: Remove .htaccess form list of excluded files (#5701) * Excludes: Hardcode desktop.ini * Excludes: Allow escaping “#” (#6012) * Excludes: Use faster matching via QRegularExpression (#6063) * Discovery: Increase the MAX_DEPTH and show deep folders as ignored (#1067) * Discovery: General speed improvements * Downloads: Remove empty temporary if disk space full (#5746) * Downloads: Read Content-MD5 header for object store setups * Checksums: Add global disable environment variable (#5017) * Quota: PropagateUpload: Model of remote quota, avoid some uploads (#5537) * Create favorite also in folder wizard (#455) * Windows: Use the application icon for the Windows 8 sidebar favorite (#2446, #5690) * macOS: Finder sidebar icon (#296) * Overlay Icons: Consider also the “shared by me” as shared (#4788) * Overlay Icons: Update right after sharing (#6115) * Overlay Icons: Fix different case paths not matching (#5257) * Overlay Icons: Detect changes in the shared flag (#6098) * Windows Overlay Icons: Potential hang fixes * Linux Overlay Icons: fix branded nemo and caja shell integration (#5966) * Credentials: Fix behavior for bad password (#5989) * Credentials: Don’t create empty client cert keychain entries (#5752) * Credentials: Namespace windows cred keys (#6125) * Credentials: Use per-account keychain entries (#5830, #6126) * AccountSettings: Triggering log in re-ask about previously rejected certificates (#5819) * owncloudcmd: Added bandwidth limit parameter (#5707) * owncloudcmd: Fix timestamps, Fix –logdebug * AccountSettings: Sync with clean discovery on Ctrl-F6 (#5666) * Sync: Dynamic sizing of chunks in chunked uploads for improved big file upload performance (#5852) * Sync: Introduce overall errors that are not tied to a file (#5746) * Sync: Better messaging for 507 Insufficient Storage (#5537) * Sync: Create conflicts by comparing the hash of files with identical mtime/size (#5589) * Sync: Avoid downloads by comparing the hash of files with identical mtime/size (#6153) * Sync: Upload conflict files if OWNCLOUD_UPLOAD_CONFLICT_FILES environment variable is set (#6038) * Sync: Blacklist: Don’t let errors become warnings (#5516) * Sync: Check etag again after active sync (#4116) * Sync: Rename handling fixes: duplicate file ids (#6096, #6212) * Sync: Rename handling fixes: File size must be equal * Sync: Rename handling: Fix duplicate files on abort/resume sync (#5949) * Sync: Add capability for invalid filename regexes (#6092) * SyncJournalDB: Fall back to DELETE journal mode if WAL mode does not seem to work (#5723) * SyncJournalDB: Don’t crash if the db file is readonly (#6050) * SyncJournalDB: DB close error is not fatal * Fix at least one memory leak * Documentation improvements * Logging improvements (With Qt logging categories) (#5671) * Logging filtering per account (#5672) * Crash fixes * Test improvements * Small UI layout fixes * Performance improvements * Maintenance Mode: Detect maintenance mode (#4485) * Maintenance Mode: Add a 1 to 5 min reconnection delay (#5872) * HTTP: Send a unique X-Request-ID with each request (#5853) * HTTP: Support HTTP2 when built and running with Qt 5.9.x (Official packages still on Qt 5.6.x) (#5659) * owncloudcmd: Don’t start if connection or auth fails (#5692) * csync: Switch build from C to C++ (#6033) * csync: Refactor a lot to use common data structures to save memory and memory copying * csync: Switch some data structures to Qt data structures * csync: Switch to using upper layer SyncJournalDB (#6087) * Switch 3rdparty/json usage to Qt5’s QJson (#5710) * OpenSSL: Don’t require directly, only via Qt (#5833) * Remove iconv dependency, use Qt for file system locale encoding/decoding (emoji filename support on macOS) (#5875) * Compilation: Remove Qt 4 code (#6025, #5702, #5505) * Harmonize source code style with clang-format (#5732) * Switch over to Qt 5 function pointer signal/slot syntax (#6041) * Compile with stack-smashing protection * Updater: Rudimentary support for beta channel (#6048)

version 2.3.4 (2017-11-02) * Checksums: Use addData function to avoid endless loop CPU load issues with Office files * Packaging: Require ZLIB

version 2.3.3 (2017-08-29) * Chunking NG: Don’t use old chunking on new DAV endpoint (#5855) * Selective Sync: Skip excluded folders when reading DB, don’t let them show errors (#5772) * Settings: Make window bigger so Qt version is always visible (#5760) * Share links: Show warning that public link shares are public (#5786) * Downloads: Re-trigger folder discovery on HTTP 404 (#5799) * Overlay Icons: Fix potential hangs on Windows * SyncJournalDB: Don’t use ._ as filename pattern if that does not work because of SMB storage settings (#5844) * SyncJournalDB: Log reason for sqlite3 opening errors * Notifications: Proapgate “Dismiss” button action to server (#5922) * Switch Linux build also to Qt 5.6.2 (#5470) * Stopped maintaining Qt 4 buildability

version 2.3.2 (2017-05-08) * Fix more crashes (thanks to everyone submitting to our crash reporter!) * Improve compatibility with server 10.0 (#5691, X-OC-Total-Size) * Share dialog: UI improvements, Bring to front on tray click * owncloudcmd: Align process return value with sync return value (#3936) * Fix disk free check on Windows when opening the local DB

version 2.3.1 (2017-03-21) * Fix several crashes (thanks to everyone submitting to our crash reporter!) * Improve HTTP redirect handling (#5555) * Blacklist: Escalate repeated soft error to normal error (#5500) * NTFS: Do not attempt to upload two existing files with similar casing (#5544) * Fix URL for linking to application password generation for ownCloud 10.0 (#5605)

version 2.3.0 (2017-03-03) * Decreased memory usage during sync * Overlay icons: Lower CPU usage * Allow to not sync the server’s external storages by default * Switch Windows and OS X build to Qt 5.6.2 * Switch to new ownCloud server WebDAV endpoint * Chunking NG: New file upload chunking algorithmn for ownCloud server 9.2 * Allow to sync a folder to multiple different servers (Filename change from .csync_journal.db to sync$HASH.db) * Conflicts: Use the local mtime for the conflict file name (#5273) * “Sync now” menu item * SSL Client certificate support improved (Show UI, Store keys in keychain) * Propagator: Upload more small files in parallel * Sync Engine: Read data-fingerprint property to detect backups (#2325) * GUI: Show link to ceate an app password/token for syncing * Share dialog: Add ‘Mail link’ button * Caja file manager plugin * Make “backup detected” message to not trigger in wrong cases * SyncEngine: Fix renaming of folder when file are changed (#5192) * Fix reconnect bug if status.php intermittently returns wrong data (#5188) * Improve sync scheduling (#5317) * Overlay icons: Improvements in correctnes * Tray menu: Only update on demand to fix Linux desktop integration glitches * Progress: Better time/bandwidth estimations * Network: Follow certain HTTP redirects (#2791) * Network: Remove all cookies (including load balancers etc) when logging out * Discovery thread: Low priority * owncloudsync.log: Write during propagation * Better error message for files with trailing spaces on Windows * Excludes: Consider files in hidden folders excluded (#5163) * Allow sync directory to be a symlinked directory * Add manifest file on Windows to make the application UAC aware * macOS: Improve monochrome tray icons * Shibboleth bugfixes * Fixes with regards to low disk space * A ton of other bugfixes * Refactorings * Improved documentation * Crash fixes

version 2.2.4 (release 2016-09-27) * Dolphin Plugin: Use the Application name for the socket path (#5172) * SyncEngine: Fix renaming of folder when file are changed (#5195) * Selective Sync: Fix HTTP request loop and show error in view (#5154) * ConnectionValidator: properly handle error in status.php request (#5188) * Discovery: Set thread priority to low (#5017) * ExcludeFiles: Fix when the folder casing is not the same in the settings and in the FS * ShareLink: Ensure the password line edit is enabled (#5117)

version 2.2.3 (release 2016-08-08) * SyncEngine: Fix detection of backup (#5104) * Fix bug with overriding URL in config (#5016) * Sharing: Fix bug with file names containing percent encodes (#5042, #5043) * Sharing: Permissions for federated shares on servers >=9.1 (#4996, #5001) * Overlays: Fix issues with file name casing on OS X and Windows * Windows: Skip symlinks and junctions again (#5019) * Only accept notification API Capability if endpoint is OCS-enabled (#5034) * Fix windows HiDPI (#4994) * SocketAPI: Use different pipe name to avoid unusual delay (#4977) * Tray: Add minimal mode as workaround and testing tool for Linux issues (#4985, #4990) * owncloudcmd: Fix –exclude regression #4979 * Small memleak: Use the full file stat destructors (#4992) * Fix small QAction memleak (#5008) * Fix crash on shutting down during propagation (#4979) * Decrease memory usage during sync #4979 * Setup csync logging earlier to get all log output (#4991) * Enable Shibboleth debug view with OWNCLOUD_SHIBBOLETH_DEBUG env

version 2.2.2 (release 2016-06-21) * Excludes: Don’t redundantly add the same exclude files (memleak) (#4967, #4988) * Excludes: Only log if the pattern was really logged. (#4989)

version 2.2.1 (release 2016-06-06) * Fix out of memory error when too many uploads happen (#4611) * Fix display errors in progress display (#4803 #4856) * LockWatcher: Remember to upload files after they become unlocked (#4865) * Fix overlay icons for files with umlauts (#4884) * Certs: Re-ask for different cert after rejection (#4898, #4911) * Progress: Don’t count items without propagation jobs (#4856, #4910) * Utility: Fix for the translation of minutes, second (#4855) * SyncEngine: invalid the blacklist entry when the rename destination change

version 2.2.0 (release 2016-05-12) * Overlay icons: Refactoring - mainly for performance improvements * Improved error handling with Sync Journal on USB storages (#4632) * Sharing Completion: Improved UI of completion in sharing from desktop. (#3737) * Show server notifications on the client (#3733) * Improved Speed with small files by dynamic parallel request count (#4529) * LockWatcher: Make sure to sync files after apps released exclusive locks on Windows. * Improved handling of Win32 file locks and network files * Workaround Ubuntu 16.04 tray icon bug (#4693) * Removed the Alias field from the folder definition (#4695) * Improved netrc parser (#4691) * Improved user notifications about ignored files and conflicts (#4761, #3222) * Add warnings for old server versions (#4523) * Enable tranportation checksums if the server supports based on server capabilities (#3735)

version 2.1.1 (release 2016-02-10) * UI improvements for HiDPI screens, error messages, RTL languages * Fix occurences of “Connection Closed” when a new unauthenticated TCP socket is used * Fix undeliberate WiFi scanning done by Qt Network classes * Several fixes/improvements to the sharing dialog * Several fixes/improvements to the server activity tab * Create the directory when using –confdir and it does not exist * Windows Overlay icons: Fix DLL and icon oddities * Mac Overlay icons: Don’t install legacy Finder plugin on >= 10.10 * Linux Overlay icons: Nemo plugin * Overlay icons: Fix several wrong icon state computations * Allow changeable upload chunk size in owncloud.cfg * Crash fixes on account deletion * Forget password on explicit sign-out * OS X: Fix the file system watcher ignoring unicode paths (#4424) * Windows Installer: Update to NSIS 2.50, fixes possible DLL injection * Sync Engine: .lnk files * Sync Engine: symlinked syn directories * Sync Engine: Windows: Fix deleting and replacing of read-only files (#4308, #4277) * Sync Engine: Fixes for files becoming directories and vice versa (#4302) * Misc other fixes/improvements

version 2.1 (release 2015-12-03) * GUI: Added a display of server activities * GUI: Added a separate view for not synced items, ignores, errors * GUI: Improved upload/download progress UI (#3403, #3569) * Allowed sharing with ownCloud internal users and groups from Desktop * Changed files starting in .* to be considered hidden on all platforms (#4023) * Reflect read-only permissions in filesystem (#3244) * Blacklist: Clear on successful chunk upload (#3934) * Improved reconnecting after network change/disconnect (#4167 #3969 …) * Improved performance in Windows file system discovery * Removed libneon-based propagator. As a consequence, The client can no longer provide bandwith limiting on Linux-distributions where it is using Qt < 5.4 * Performance improvements in the logging functions * Ensured that local disk space problems are handled gracefully (#2939) * Improved handling of checksums: transport validation, db (#3735) * For eml-files don’t reupload if size and checksum are unchanged (#3235) Ensured 403 reply code is handled properly (File Firewall) (#3490) * Reduced number of PROPFIND requests to server(#3964) * GUI: Added Account toolbox widget to keep account actions (#4139) * Tray Menu: Added fixes for Recent Activity menu (#4093, #3969) * FolderMan: Fixed infinite wait on pause (#4093) * Renamed env variables to include unit (#2939) * FolderStatusModel: Attempt to detect removed undecided files (#3612) * SyncEngine: Don’t whipe the white list if the sync was aborted (#4018) * Quota: Handle special negative value for the quota (#3940) * State app name in update notification (#4020) * PropagateUpload: Fixed double-emission of finished (#3844) * GUI: Ensured folder names which are excluded from sync can be clicked * Shell Integration: Dolphin support, requires KF 5.16 and KDE Application 15.12 * FolderStatusModel: Ensured reset also if a folder was renamed (#4011) * GUI: Fixed accessiblity of remaing items in full settings toolbar (#3795) * Introduced the term “folder sync connection” in more places (#3757) * AccountSettings: Don’t disable pause when offline (#4010) * Fixed handling of hidden files (#3980) * Handle download errors while resuming as soft errors (#4000) * SocketAPI: Ensured that the command isn’t trimmed (#3297) * Shutdown socket API before removing the db (#3824) * GUI: Made “Keep” default in the delete-all dialog (#3824) * owncloudcmd: Introduced return code 0 for –version and –help * owncloudcmd: Added –max-sync-retries (#4037) * owncloudcmd: Don’t do a check that file are older than 2s (#4160) * Fixed getting size for selective sync (#3986) * Re-added close button in the settings window (#3713) * Added abililty to handle storage limitations gracefully (#3736) * Organized patches to our base Qt version into admin/qt/patches * Plus: A lot of unmentioned improvements and fixes

version 2.0.2 (release 2015-10-21) * csync_file_stat_s: Save a bit of memory * Shibboleth: Add our base user agent to WebKit * SelectiveSync: Increase folder list timeout to 60 * Propagation: Try another sync on 423 Locked (#3387) * Propagation: Make 423 Locked a soft error (#3387) * Propagation: Reset upload blacklist if a chunk succeeds * Application: Fix crash on early shutdown (#3898) * Linux: Don’t show settings dialog always when launched twice (#3273, #3771, #3485) * win32 vio: Add the OPEN_REPARSE_POINTS flag to the CreateFileW call. (#3813) * AccountSettings: only expand root elements on single click. * AccountSettings: Do not allow to expand the folder list when disconnected. * Use application SHORT name for the name of the MacOSX pkg file (ownBrander). * FolderMan: Fix for removing a syncing folder (#3843) * ConnectionMethodDialog: Don’t be insecure on close (#3863) * Updater: Ensure folders are not removed (#3747) * Folder settings: Ensure path is cleaned (#3811) * Propagator: Simplify sub job finished counting (#3844) * Share dialog: Hide settings dialog before showing (#3783) * UI: Only expand 1 level in folder list (#3585) * UI: Allow folder expanding from button click (#3585) * UI: Expand folder treeview on single click (#3585) * GUI: Change tray menu order (#3657) * GUI: Replace term “sign in” with “Log in” and friends. * SetupPage: Fix crash caused by uninitialized Account object. * Use a themable WebDAV path all over. * Units: Back to the “usual” mix units (JEDEC standard). * csync io: Full UNC path support on Win (#3748) * Tray: Don’t use the tray workaround with the KDE theme (#3706, #3765) * ShareDialog: Fix folder display (#3659) * AccountSettings: Restore from legacy only once (#3565) * SSL Certificate Error Dialog: show account name (#3729) * Tray notification: Don’t show a message about modified folder (#3613) * PropagateLocalRemove: remove entries from the DB even if there was an error. * Settings UI improvements (eg. #3713, #3721, #3619 and others) * Folder: Do not create the sync folder if it does not exist (#3692) * Shell integration: don’t show share menu item for top level folders * Tray: Hide while modifying menus (#3656, #3672) * AddFolder: Improve remote path selection error handling (#3573) * csync_update: Use excluded_traversal() to improve performance (#3638) * csync_excluded: Add fast _traversal() function (#3638) * csync_exclude: Speed up significantly (#3638) * AccountSettings: Adjust quota info design (#3644, #3651) * Adjust buttons on remove folder/account questions (#3654)

version 2.0.1 (release 2015-09-01) * AccountWizard: fix when the theme specify a override URL (#3699)

version 2.0.0 (release 2015-08-25) * Add support for multiple accounts (#3084) * Do not sync down new big folders from server without users consent (#3148) * Integrate Selective Sync into the default UI * OS X: Support native finder integration for 10.10 Yosemite (#2340) * Fix situation where client would not reconnect after timeout (#2321) * Use SI units for the file sizes * Improve progress reporting during sync (better estimations, show all files, show all bandwidth) * Windows: Support paths >255 characters (#57) by using Windows API instead of POSIX API * Windows, OS X: Allow to not sync hidden files (#2086) * OS X: Show file name in UI if file has invalid UTF-8 in file name * Sharing: Make use of Capability API (#3439) * Sharing: Do not allow sharing the root folder (#3495) * Sharing: Show thumbnail * Client Updater: Check for updates periodically, not only once per run (#3044) * Windows: Remove misleading option to remove sync data (#3461) * Windows: Do not provoke AD account locking if password changes (#2186) * Windows: Fix installer when installing unprivileged (#2616, #2568) * Quota: Only refresh from server when UI is shown * SSL Button: Show more information * owncloudcmd: Fix –httpproxy (#3465) * System proxy: Ask user for credentials if needed * Several fixes and performance improvements in the sync engine * Network: Try to use SSL session tickets/identifiers. Check the SSL button to see if they are used. * Bandwidth Throttling: Provide automatic limit setting for downloads (#3084) * Systray: Workaround for issue with Qt 5.5.0 #3656

version 1.8.4 (release 2015-07-13) * Release to ship a security release of openSSL. No source changes of the ownCloud Client code.

version 1.8.3 (release 2015-06-23) * Fix a bug in the Windows Installer that could crash explorer (#3320) * Reduce ‘Connection closed’ errors (#3318, #3313, #3298) * Ignores: Force a remote discovery after ignore list change (#3172) * Shibboleth: Avoid crash by letting the webview use its own QNAM (#3359) * System Ignores: Removed .tmp from system ignore again. If a user wants to ignore .tmp, it needs to be added to the user ignore list.

version 1.8.2 (release 2015-06-08) * Improve reporting of server error messages (#3220) * Discovery: Ignore folders with any 503 (#3113) * Wizard: Show server error message if possible (#3220) * QNAM: Fix handling of mitm cert changes (#3283) * Win32: Installer translations added (#3277) * Win32: Allow concurrent OEM (un-)installers (#3272) * Win32: Make Setup/Update Mutex theme-unique (#3272) * HTTP: Add the branding name to the UserAgent string * ConnectonValidator: Always run with new credentials (#3266) * Recall Feature: Admins can trigger an upload of a file from client to server again (#3246) * Propagator: Add ‘Content-Length: 0’ header to MKCOL request (#3256) * Switch on checksum verification through branding or config * Add ability for checksum verification of up and download * Fix opening external links for some labels (#3135) * AccountState: Run only a single validator, allow error message overriding (#3236, #3153) * SyncJournalDB: Minor fixes and simplificatons * SyncEngine: Force re-read of folder Etags for upgrades from 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 * Propagator: Limit length of temporary file name (#2789) * ShareDialog: Password ui fixes (#3189) * Fix startup hang by removing QSettings lock file (#3175) * Wizard: Allow SSL cert dialog to show twice (#3168) * ProtocolWidget: Fix rename message (#3210) * Discovery: Test better, treat invalid hrefs as error (#3176) * Propagator: Overwrite local data only if unchanged (#3156) * ShareDialog: Improve error reporting for share API fails * OSX Updater: Only allow updates only if in /Applications (#2931) * Wizard: Fix lock icon (#1447) * Fix compilation with GCC 5 * Treat any 503 error as temporary (#3113) * Work around for the Qt PUT corruption bug (#2425) * OSX Shell integration: Optimizations * Windows Shell integration: Optimizations .. more than 250 commits since 1.8.1

version 1.8.1 (release 2015-05-07) * Make “operation canceled” error a soft error * Do not throw an error for files that are scheduled to be removed, but can not be found on the server. #2919 * Windows: Reset QNAM to proper function after hibernation. #2899 #2895 #2973 * Fix argument verification of –confdir #2453 * Fix a crash when accessing a dangling UploadDevice pointer #2984 * Add-folder wizard: Make sure there is a scrollbar if folder names are too long #2962 * Add-folder Wizard: Select the newly created folder * Activity: Correctly restore column sizes #3005 * SSL Button: do not crash on empty certificate chain * SSL Button: Make menu creation lazy #3007 #2990 * Lookup system proxy async to avoid hangs #2993 #2802 * ShareDialog: Some GUI refinements * ShareDialog: On creation of a share always retrieve the share This makes sure that if a default expiration date is set this is reflected in the dialog. #2889 * ShareDialog: Only show share dialog if we are connected. * HttpCreds: Fill pw dialog with previous password. #2848 #2879 * HttpCreds: Delete password from old location. #2186 * Do not store Session Cookies in the client cookie storage * CookieJar: Don’t accidentally overwrite cookies. #2808 * ProtocolWidget: Always add seconds to the DateTime locale. #2535 * Updater: Give context as to which app is about to be updated #3040 * Windows: Add version information for owncloud.exe. This should help us know what version or build number a crash report was generated with. * Fix a crash on shutdown in ~SocketApi #3057 * SyncEngine: Show more timing measurements #3064 * Discovery: Add warning if returned etag is 0 * Fix a crash caused by an invalid DiscoveryDirectoryResult::iterator #3051 * Sync: Fix sync of deletions during 503. #2894 * Handle redirect of auth request. #3082 * Discovery: Fix parsing of broken XML replies, which fixes local file disappearing #3102 * Migration: Silently restore files that were deleted locally by bug #3102 * Sort folder sizes SelectiveSyncTreeView numerically #3112 * Sync: PropagateDownload: Read the mtime from the file system after writing it #3103 * Sync: Propagate download: Fix restoring files for which the conflict file exists #3106 * Use identical User Agents and version for csync and the Qt parts * Prevent another crash in ~SocketApi #3118 * Windows: Fix rename of finished file. #3073 * AccountWizard: Fix auth error handling. #3155 * Documentation fixes * Infrastructure/build fixes * Win32/OS X: Apply patch from OpenSSL to handle oudated intermediates gracefully #3087

version 1.8.0 (release 2015-03-17) * Mac OS: HIDPI support * Support Sharing from desktop: Added a share dialog that can be opened by context menu in the file managers (Win, Mac, Nautilus) Supports public links with password enforcement * Enhanced usage of parallel HTTP requests for ownCloud 8 servers * Renamed github repository from mirall to client. * Mac OS: Use native notification support * Selective Sync: allow to enforce selective sync in brandings. * Added ability to build on Windows utilizing MingGW * SQLite database fixes if running on FAT filesystems * Improved detection of changing files to upload from local * Preparations for the multi-account feature * Fixed experience for Window manager without system tray * Build with Qt 5.4 * Dropped libneon dependency if Qt 5.4 is available * Keep files open very short, that avoid lock problems on Windows especially with office software but also others. * Merged some NetBSD patches * Selective sync support for owncloudcmd * Reorganize the source repository * Prepared direct download * Added Crashreporter feature to be switched on on demand * A huge amount of bug fixes in all areas of the client. * almost 700 commits since 1.7.1

version 1.7.1 (release 2014-12-18) * Documentation fixes and updates * Nautilus Python plugin fixed for Python 3 * GUI wording fixes plus improved log messages * Fix hidning of the database files in the sync directories * Compare http download size with the header value to avoid broken downloads, bug #2528 * Avoid initial ETag fetch job at startup, which is not needed. * Add chunk size http header to PUT requests * Fixed deteteCookie method of our CookieJar, fix for Shibboleth * Added fallback for distros where XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is undefined * Fix the setup wizard, bug #1989, #2264 * Fix scheduling of ETag check jobs, bug #2553 * Fix to avoid syncing more than one folder at a time, bug #2407 * Use fife minutes timeout for all network jobs * Cleanup for Folderwizard wording * Improve journal check: Remove corrupted journal files, bug #2547 * Fix item count in progress dialog for deletes, bug #1132 * Display correct file count on deletion (#1132) * Fix reinitializing the folder using the wizard in certain cases (#2606) * Mac OS: Fixed branding of the pkg file * Mac OS: Fix display of overlay icons in certain situations (#1132) * Mac OS: Use a bundled version of OpenSSL (#764, #2600, #2510) * Win32: improved filesystem watcher * Win32: Improve threading with shell integration * Win32: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1j * Win32: Improve reliability of Installer, fix removal of Shell Extensions

version 1.7.0 (release 2014-11-07)

version 1.6.4 (release 2014-10-22) * Fix startup logic, fixes bug #1989 * Fix raise dialog on X11 * Win32: fix overflow when computing the size of file > 4GiB * Use a fixed function to get files modification time, the original one was broken for certain timezone issues, see core bug #9781 for details * Added some missing copyright headers * Avoid data corruption due to wrong error handling, bug #2280 * Do improved request timeout handling to reduce the number of timed out jobs, bug #2155 version 1.6.3 (release 2014-09-03) * Fixed updater on OS X * Fixed memory leak in SSL button that could lead to quick memory draining * Fixed upload problem with files >4 GB * MacOSX, Linux: Bring Settings window to front properly * Branded clients: If no configuration is detected, try to import the data from a previously configured community edition.

version 1.6.2 (release 2014-07-28 ) * Limit the HTTP buffer size when downloading to limit memory consumption. * Another small mem leak fixed in HTTP Credentials. * Fix local file name clash detection for MacOSX. * Limit maximum wait time to ten seconds in network limiting. * Fix data corruption while trying to resume and the server does not support it. * HTTP Credentials: Read password from legacy place if not found. * Shibboleth: Fix the waiting curser that would not disapear (#1915) * Limit memory usage to avoid mem wasting and crashes * Propagator: Fix crash when logging out during upload (#1957) * Propagator_qnam: Fix signal slot connection (#1963) * Use more elaborated way to detect that the server was reconfigured (#1948) * Setup Wizard: Reconfigure Server also if local path was changed (#1948)

version 1.6.1 (release 2014-06-26 ) * Fix ‘precondition failed’ bug with broken upload * Fix openSSL problems for windows deployment * Fix syncing a folder with ‘#’ in the name * Fix #1845: do not update parent directory etag before sub directories are removed * Fix reappearing directories if dirs are removed during its upload * Fix app version in settings dialog, General tab * Fix crash in FolderWizard when going offline * Shibboleth fixes * More specific error messages (file remove during upload, open local sync file) * Use QSet rather than QHash in SyncEngine (save memory) * Fix some memory leaks * Fix some thread race problems, ie. wait for neon thread to finish before the propagator is shut down * Fix a lot of issues and warnings found by Coverity * Fix Mac some settings dialog problems

version 1.6.0 (release 2014-05-30 ) * Minor GUI improvements * Qt5 compile issues fixed * Ignore sync log file in filewatcher * Install libocsync to private library dir and use rpath to localize * Fix reconnect after server disconnect * Fix “unknown action” display in Activity window * Fix memory leaks * Respect XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment var * Handle empty fileids in the journal correctly * Add abilility to compile libowncloudsync without GUI dependendy * Fix SSL error with previously-expired CAs on Windows * Fix incorrect folder pause state after start * Fix a couple of actual potential crashes * Improve Cookie support (e.g. for cookie-based load-balancers) * Introduce a general timeout of 300s for network operations * Improve error handling, blacklisting * Job-based change propagation, enables faster parallel up/downloads (right now only if no bandwidth limit is set and no proxy is used) * Significantly reduced CPU load when checking for local and remote changes * Speed up file stat code on Windows * Enforce Qt5 for Windows and Mac OS X builds * Improved owncloudcmd: SSL support, documentation * Added advanced logging of operations (file .???.log in sync directory) * Avoid creating a temporary copy of the sync database (.ctmp) * Enable support for TLS 1.2 negotiation on platforms that use Qt 5.2 or later * Forward server exception messages to client error messages * Mac OS X: Support Notification Center in OS X 10.8+ * Mac OS X: Use native settings dialog * Mac OS X: Fix UI inconsistencies on Mavericks * Shibboleth: Warn if authenticating with a different user * Remove vio abstraction in csync * Avoid data loss when a client file system is not case sensitive

version 1.5.3 (release 2014-03-10 ) * Fix usage of proxies after first sync run (#1502, #1524, #1459, #1521) * Do not wipe the credentials from config for reconnect (#1499, #1503) * Do not erase the full account config if an old version of the client stored the password (related to above) * Fix layout of the network tab (fixes #1491) * Handle authentication requests by a Shibboleth IdP * Shibboleth: If no connection is available, don’t open the login window * [Packaging] Debian/Ubuntu: ship sync-exclude.lst * [Packaging] Fix issues with access to gnome keychain in Fedora and RHEL6 * [Packaging] Ensure all sub packages get updated * [Packaging] Fix incorrect path in desktop file (RHEL6/CentOS6)

version 1.5.2 (release 2014-02-26 ) * Fix behavior when attempting to rename Shared folder * Fix potential endless sync loops on Mac OS (#1463) * Fix potential crash when pausing during update phase (#1442) * Fix handing of shared directories * Fix online state handling (#1441, #1459) * Fix potential crash in c_iconv on Mac OS * Fix certificate chain display in SSLButton * Fix sporadicly appearing multiple auth prompts on sign-in * Show correct state icon in Account Settings right away * Re-fetch content that gets deleted from read only shared directories * Do not store the password in the config file, erase existing ones (#1469) * Shibboleth: Close browser window after login * Shibboleth: Proper invalidation if timeout during sync * Shibboleth: Do not pop up IdP login immediately when modifying account * Shibboleth: Avoid auth on restart by storing cookies in the wallet * Fix license headers

version 1.5.1 (release 2014-02-13 ) * Added an auto updater that updates the client if a more recent version was found automatically (Windows, Mac OS X) * Added a button to the account dialog that gives information about the encryption layer used for communication, plus a certificate information widget * Preserve the permission settings of local files rather than setting them to a default (Bug #820) * Handle windows lnk files correctly (Bug #1307) * Detect removes and renames in read only shares and restore the gone away files. (Bug #1386) * Fixes sign in/sign out and password dialog. (Bug #1353) * Fixed error messages (Bug #1394) * Lots of fixes for building with Qt5 * Changes to network limits are now also applied during a sync run * Fixed mem leak after via valgrind on Mac * Imported the ocsync library into miralls repository. Adopted all build systems and packaging to that. * Introduce a new linux packaging scheme following the debian upstream scheme * Use a refactored Linux file system watcher based on inotify, incl. unit tests * Wizard: Gracefully fall back to HTTP if HTTPS connection fails, issuing a warning * Fixed translation misses in the propagator * Fixes in proxy configuration * Fixes in sync journal handling * Fix the upload progress if the local source is still changing when the upload begins. * Add proxy support to owncloud commandline client * NSIS fixes * A lot of other fixes and minor improvements * Improve Qt5 compatability

version 1.5.0 (release 2013-12-12 ), csync 0.91.4 required * New owncloud propagator that skips the vio abstraction layer * Add owncloudcmd to replace the ocsync command line tool * Localize Windows installer * Allow to sign in and out * Ask for password if missing * Introduce activity view * Introduce black list for files which could not be synced * Enabling accessbility by shipping accessibility enables on OS X (#736) * Toggle Settings window when clicking on systray icon on Win and KDE (#896) * FolderWizard: Sanitize error detection (#1201) * Set proper enable state of blacklist button after the dialog was opened * Set proper tooltips in blacklist * Translatable error messages for file errors * Add man page for owncloudcmd (#1234) * Don’t close setup wizard when the initial sync run is started * Close the sync journal if a folder gets removed (#1252) * Activity: Avoid horizontal scrollbar (#1213) * Fix crash (#1229) * Resize wizard appropriately (#1130) * Fix account identity test (#1231) * Maintain the file type correctly * Display rename-target in sync protocol action column * Let recursive removal also remove the top dir * If item is a directory, remove its contents from the database as well (#1257) * Install headers for owncloudsync library * Fix opening the explorer with a selected file in Windows (#1249) * Add build number into versioning scheme * Windows: Fix rename of temporary files * Windows: Fix move file operation

version 1.4.2 (release 2013-10-18 ), csync 0.90.4 required * Do not show the warning icon in the tray (#944) * Fix manual proxy support when switching (#1016) * Add folder column to detailed sync protocol (#1037) * Fix possible endless loop in inotify (#1041) * Do not elide the progress text (#1049) * Fix high CPU load (#1073) * Reconnect if network is unavailable after startup (#1080) * Ensure paused folder stays paused when syncing with more than one folder (#1083) * Don’t show desktop notification when the user doesn’t want to (#1093) * System tray: Avoid quick flickering up of the ok-icon for the sync prepare state * Progress: Do not show progress if nothing is transmitted * Progress: Show number of deletes.

version 1.4.1 (release 2013-09-24 ), csync 0.90.1 required

version 1.4.0 (release 2013-09-04 ), csync 0.90.0 required

version 1.3.0 (release 2013-06-25 ), csync 0.80.0 required

version 1.2.5 (release 2013-04-23 ), csync 0.70.7 required * [Fixes] NSIS installer fixes * [Fixes] Fix crash race by making certificateChain() thread safe * [Fixes] Build with older CMake versions (CentOS/RHEL 6) * [Fixes] Wording in GUI * [Fixes] Silently ignore “installed = true” status.php * Set log verbosity before calling csync_init. * GUI feedback for the statistics copy action * Safer approach for detecting duplicate sync runs

version 1.2.4 (release 2013-04-11 ), csync 0.70.6 required * [Fixes] Clarify string in folder wizard * [Fixes] Fixed some valgrind warnings * [Fixes] Ensure that only one sync thread can ever run * [Fixes] Fix default config storage path * [Fixes] Skip folders with no absolute path * [Fixes] Allow setting the configuration directory on command line

version 1.2.3 (release 2013-04-02 ), csync 0.70.5 required * [Fixes] Unbreak self-signed certificate handling

version 1.2.2 (release 2013-04-02 ), csync 0.70.5 required * [Fixes] Do not crash when local file tree contains symlinks * [Fixes] Correctly handle locked files on Windows * [Fixes] Display errors in all members of the SSL chain * [Fixes] Enable Accessibility features on Windows * [Fixes] Make setupFavLink work properly on Mac OS * [Fixes] Ignore temporary files created by MS Office * [Gui] Support Nautilus in setupFavLink

version 1.2.1 (release 2013-02-26 ), csync 0.70.4 required * [Fixes] Leave configured folders on configuration changes. * [Fixes] Do not allow to finish the setup dialog if connection can’t be established. * [Fixes] Better handling of credentials in setup dialog. * [Fixes] Do not leak fd’s to /dev/null when using gnutls * [Fixes] Stop sync scheduling when configuration wizard starts. * [Fixes] Clear pending network requests when stepping back in config wizard. * [Fixes] User password dialog asynchronous issues. * [Fixes] Make folderman starting and stoping the scheduling. * [Fixes] Various minor fixes and cleanups. * [Fixes] Crash on pausing sync * [Fixes] Stale lock file after pausing sync * [App] Load translations from app dir or bundle as well. * [Platform] Build fixes and simplifications, ie. build only one lib. * [Platform] Added some getter/setters for configuration values. * [Platform] Added man pages. * [Platform] Simplified/fixed credential store usage and custom configs. * [Platform] Added soname version to libowncloudsync. * [Platform] Pull in Qt translations * [Gui] Make sync result popups less annoyingq * [Gui] Fix for result popup

version 1.2.0 (release 2013-01-24 ), csync 0.70.2 required * [GUI] New status dialog to show a detailed list of synced files. * [GUI] New tray notifications about synced files. * [GUI] New platform specific icon set. * [App] Using cross platform QtKeychain library to store credentials crypted. * [App] Use cross platform notification for changes in the local file system rather than regular poll. * [Fixes] Improved SSL Certificate handling and SSL fixes troughout syncing. * [Fixes] Fixed proxy authentication. * [Fixes] Allow brackets in folder name alias. * [Fixes] Lots of other minor fixes. * [Platform] cmake fixes. * [Platform] Improved, more detailed error reporting.

version 1.1.4 (release 2012-12-19 ), csync 0.60.4 required * No changes to mirall, only csync fixes.

version 1.1.3 (release 2012-11-30 ), csync 0.60.3 required * No changes to mirall, only csync fixes.

version 1.1.2 (release 2012-11-26 ), csync 0.60.2 required * [Fixes] Allow to properly cancel the password dialog. * [Fixes] Share folder name correctly percent encoded with old Qt 4.6 builds ie. Debian. * [Fixes] If local sync dir is not existing, create it. * [Fixes] lots of other minor fixes. * [GUI] Display error messages in status dialog. * [GUI] GUI fixes for the connection wizard. * [GUI] Show username for connection in statusdialog. * [GUI] Show intro wizard on new connection setup. * [APP] Use CredentialStore to better support various credential backends. * [APP] Handle missing local folder more robust: Create it if missing instead of ignoring. * [APP] Simplify treewalk code. * [Platform] Fix Mac building

version 1.1.1 (release 2012-10-18), csync 0.60.1 required * [GUI] Allow changing folder name in single folder mode * [GUI] Windows: Add license to installer * [GUI] owncloud –logwindow will bring up the log window in an already running instance * [Fixes] Make sure SSL errors are always handled * [Fixes] Allow special characters in folder alias * [Fixes] Proper workaround for Menu bug in Ubuntu * [Fixes] csync: Fix improper memory cleanup which could cause memory leaks and crashes * [Fixes] csync: Fix memory leak * [Fixes] csync: Allow single quote (’) in file names * [Fixes] csync: Remove stray temporary files

version 1.0.5 (release 2012-08-14), csync 0.50.8 required * [Fixes] Fixed setup dialog: Really use https if checkbox is activated.

version 1.0.4 (release 2012-08-10), csync 0.50.8 required * [APP] ownCloud is now a single instance app, can not start twice any more. * [APP] Proxy support * [APP] Handle HTTP redirection correctly, note new url. * [APP] More relaxed handling of read only directories in the sync paths. * [APP] Started to split off a library with sync functionality, eg for KDE * [APP] Make ownCloud Info class a singleton, more robust. * [GUI] New, simplified connection wizard. * [GUI] Added ability for customized theming. * [GUI] Improved icon size handling. * [GUI] Removed Log Window Button, log available through command line. * [GUI] Proxy configuration dialog added. * [GUI] Added Translations to languages Slovenian, Polish, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Greek, Spanish, Czech, Italian, Slovak, French, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese (Portugal) all with translation rate >90%. * [Fixes] Loading of self signed certs into Networkmanager (#oc-843) * [Fixes] Win32: Handle SSL dll loading correctly. * [Fixes] Many other small fixes and improvements.

version 1.0.3 (release 2012-06-19), csync 0.50.7 required * [GUI] Added a log window which catches the logging if required and allows to save for information. * [CMI] Added options –help, –logfile and –logflush * [APP] Allow to specify sync frequency in the config file. * [Fixes] Do not use csync database files from a sync before. * [Fixes] In Connection wizard, write the final config onyl if the user really accepted. Also remove the former database. * [Fixes] More user expected behaviour deletion of sync folder local and remote. * [Fixes] Allow special characters in the sync directory names * [Fixes] Win32: Fixed directory removal with special character dirs. * [Fixes] MacOS: Do not flood the system log any more * [Fixes] MacOS: Put app translations to correct places * [Fixes] Win32: Fix loading of csync state db. * [Fixes] Improved some english grammar. * [Platform] Added krazy2 static code checks.

version 1.0.2 (release 2012-05-18), csync 0.50.6 required * [GUI] New icon set for ownCloud client * [GUI] No splashscreen any more (oC Bug #498) * [GUI] Russian translation added * [GUI] Added ‘open ownCloud’ to traymenu * [GUI] “Pause” and “Resume” instead of Enable/Disable * [Fixes] Long running syncs can be interrupted now. * [Fixes] Dialogs comes to front on click * [Fixes] Open local sync folder from tray and status for win32 * [Fixes] Load exclude.lst correctly on MacOSX + csync fixes.

version 1.0.1 (release 2012-04-18), csync 0.50.5 required * [Security] Support SSL Connections * [Security] SSL Warning dialog * [Security] Do not store password in clear text anymore * [Security] Restrict credentials to the configured host * [Security] Added ability to forbid local password storage. * [Fixes] Various fixes of the startup behaviour. * [Fixes] Various fixes in sync status display * [GUI] Various error messages for user display improved. * [GUI] fixed terms and Translations * [GUI] fixed translation loading * [Intern] Migrate old credentials to new format * [Intern] Some code refactorings, got rid of rotten QWebDav lib * [Intern] lots of cmake cleanups * [Intern] Backport to Qt Version 4.6 for compat. with older distros. * [Platform] MacOSX porting efforts * [Platform] MacOSX Bundle creation added * [Platform] Enabled ranslations on Windows.