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    1 table_name("docker_container_fs_changes")
    2 description("Changes to files or directories on container's filesystem.")
    3 schema([
    4     Column("id", TEXT, "Container ID", index=True, required=True),
    5     Column("path", TEXT, "FIle or directory path relative to rootfs"),
    6     Column("change_type", TEXT, "Type of change: C:Modified, A:Added, D:Deleted")
    7 ])
    8 implementation("applications/docker@genContainerFsChanges")
    9 examples([
   10   "select * from docker_container_fs_changes where id = '1234567890abcdef'",
   11   "select * from docker_container_fs_changes where id = '11b2399e1426d906e62a0c357650e363426d6c56dbe2f35cbaa9b452250e3355'"
   12 ])