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    1 table_name("apps")
    2 description("OS X applications installed in known search paths (e.g., /Applications).")
    3 schema([
    4     Column("name", TEXT, "Name of the Name.app folder"),
    5     Column("path", TEXT, "Absolute and full Name.app path", index=True),
    6     Column("bundle_executable", TEXT,
    7         "Info properties CFBundleExecutable label"),
    8     Column("bundle_identifier", TEXT,
    9         "Info properties CFBundleIdentifier label"),
   10     Column("bundle_name", TEXT, "Info properties CFBundleName label"),
   11     Column("bundle_short_version", TEXT,
   12         "Info properties CFBundleShortVersionString label"),
   13     Column("bundle_version", TEXT, "Info properties CFBundleVersion label"),
   14     Column("bundle_package_type", TEXT,
   15         "Info properties CFBundlePackageType label"),
   16     Column("environment", TEXT, "Application-set environment variables"),
   17     Column("element", TEXT, "Does the app identify as a background agent"),
   18     Column("compiler", TEXT, "Info properties DTCompiler label"),
   19     Column("development_region", TEXT,
   20         "Info properties CFBundleDevelopmentRegion label"),
   21     Column("display_name", TEXT, "Info properties CFBundleDisplayName label"),
   22     Column("info_string", TEXT, "Info properties CFBundleGetInfoString label"),
   23     Column("minimum_system_version", TEXT,
   24         "Minimum version of OS X required for the app to run"),
   25     Column("category", TEXT,
   26         "The UTI that categorizes the app for the App Store"),
   27     Column("applescript_enabled", TEXT,
   28         "Info properties NSAppleScriptEnabled label"),
   29     Column("copyright", TEXT, "Info properties NSHumanReadableCopyright label"),
   30     Column("last_opened_time", DOUBLE, "The time that the app was last used"),
   31 ])
   32 attributes(cacheable=True)
   33 implementation("apps@genApps")