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Please note: The reference system used by most of the developers is Debian GNU/Linux ‘Stretch’ 9. The build might fail on any other system. Also, it is necessary to install dependent development packages.

Prerequisites for gvm-libs

See at the end of this section how to easily install these prerequisites on some supported platforms.

General build environment: * a C compiler (e.g. gcc) * cmake >= 3.0 * pkg-config

Specific development libraries: * libglib >= 2.42 (all) * libgio >= 2.42 (util) * zlib >= 1.2.8 (util) * libgpgme >= 1.1.2 (util) * libgnutls >= 3.2.15 (util) * libuuid >= 2.25.0 (util) * libssh >= 0.6.0 (util) * libldap2 >= 2.4.44 (util) * libhiredis >= 0.10.1 (util)

Optional development libraries: * libfreeradius-client >= 1.1.6 (util)

Prerequisites for building documentation: * doxygen * xmltoman (optional, for building man page) * sqlfairy (optional, for producing database diagram)

Install prerequisites on Debian GNU/Linux ‘Stretch’ 9:

apt-get install \
cmake \
pkg-config \
libglib2.0-dev \
libgpgme11-dev \
libgnutls28-dev \
uuid-dev \
libssh-gcrypt-dev \
libldap2-dev \

Compiling gvm-libs

If you have installed required libraries to a non-standard location, remember to set the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to the location of your pkg-config files before configuring:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/your/location/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Create a build directory and change into it with

mkdir build
cd build

Configure the build with

cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/your/installation ..

or (if you want to use the default installation path /usr/local)

cmake ..

This only needs to be done once.

Thereafter, the following commands are useful.

make                # build the libraries
make doc            # build the documentation
make doc-full       # build more developer-oriented documentation
make install        # install the build
make rebuild_cache  # rebuild the cmake cache
make format         # code style and formatting

Please note that you may have to execute make install as root, especially if you have specified a prefix for which your user does not have full permissions.

To clean up the build environment, simply remove the contents of the build directory you created above.

Configuration Options

During compilation, the build process uses a set of compiler options which enable very strict error checking and asks the compiler to abort should it detect any errors in the code. This is to ensure a maximum of code quality and security.

Some (especially newer) compilers can be stricter than others when it comes to error checking. While this is a good thing and the developers aim to address all compiler warnings, it may lead the build process to abort on your system.

Should you notice error messages causing your build process to abort, do not hesitate to contact the developers using the Greenbone Community Portal. Don’t forget to include the name and version of your compiler and distribution in your message.

Building GVM Libraries statically linked

If you want to build a statically linked version – for example to subsequently build a statically linked program using this library – you need statically linked versions of the prerequisite libraries as well.

This can be a problem with current versions of the GnuTLS library. In most distributions GnuTLS is built with p11-kit support, which makes linking statically against the GnuTLS library impossible. To work around this, you can build the GnuTLS yourself after configuring it without support for p11-kit. This can be done with the following parameters:

./configure --disable-shared --enable-static --without-p11-kit

Note that you will most likely want to add additional parameters to configure the GnuTLS library based on your distributions policy and/or your personal needs, e.g. the correct prefix so the statically linked version will be found. The make install command will then build the GnuTLS library and install it into the path you configured.

Once you have built and installed the GnuTLS library, configure this module with the following parameters to request statically linked versions of the single library modules:


Once again, the make install command will build and install the requested modules.