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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - VNF Forwarding Graph support is available as an EXPERIMENTAL feature.
    4     TOSCA NFV Profile based Forwarding Graph Descriptor can be uploaded
    5     to VNF-FGD Catalog. VNF-FFGD template describes both Classifier and
    6     Forwarding Path across a collection of Connection Points described in
    7     VNFDs. Using the template VNF FFG can be instantiated using the default
    8     Neutron networking-sfc driver.
    9 issues:
   10   - Logical source port need to be specified VNF-FFGD flow classifier
   11     section. This is due to the current restriction in Neutron 
   12     networking-sfc flow-classifier API restriction. This behavior will
   13     be resolved once the underlying neutron issue is fixed.