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OpenStack Accelerator (Cyborg)

Cyborg is a general management framework for accelerators


user/introduction user/architecture user/usage

Documentation for Operators

The documentation in this section is aimed at Cloud Operators needing to install or configure Cyborg.


install/install-from-pip install/install-from-source admin/config-wsgi

Configuration Reference

configuration/index reference/support-matrix

For End Users

As an end user of Cyborg, you'll use Cyborg to create and manage accelerators with either tools or the API directly.

Tools for using Cyborg

Information on the commands available through Cyborg's Command Line Interface (CLI) can be found in this section of documentation.


Using the API

Following the Ussuri release, every Cyborg deployment should have the following endpoints:

/ - list of available versions

/v2 - the version 2 of the Acceleration API, it uses microversions

/v2.0 - same API as v2, except uses microversions

The follwoing guide concentrates on documenting the v2 API, please note that the v2.0 is the first microversion of the v2 API and are also covered by this guide.

Documentation for Developers

contributor/index contributor/rest_api_version_history

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