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    2 prelude: |
    3     For the OpenStack Stein release, the Octavia team is excited to announce
    4     support for: Octavia flavors, TLS client authentication, backend
    5     re-encryption, and object tags.
    7     * Octavia flavors allow an operator to define "flavors" of load balancers,
    8       such as "active-standby" or "single" using the amphora driver, that
    9       configure the load balancer topology. The Amphora driver also supports
   10       specifying the nova compute flavor to use for the load balancer amphora.
   11     * TLS client authentication allows the listener to request a client
   12       certificate from users connecting to the load balancer. This certificate
   13       can then be checked against a CA certificate and optionally a certificate
   14       revocation list. New HTTP header insertions allow passing client
   15       certificate information to the backend members, while new L7 rules
   16       allow you to take custom actions based on the content of the client
   17       certificate.
   18     * Backend re-encryption allows users to configure pools to initiate TLS
   19       connections to the backend member servers. This enables load balancers
   20       to authenticate and encrypt connections from the load balancer to the
   21       backend member server.
   22     * Object tags allow users to assign a list of strings to the load balancer
   23       objects that can then be used for advanced API list filtering.