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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - |
    4     New option in diskimage-create.sh `-n` to completely disable sshd on the
    5     amphora.
    6 deprecations:
    7   - |
    8     Config option `amp_ssh_access_allowed` is deprecated, as it overlaps with
    9     `amp_ssh_key_name` in functionality and is not needed. Simply leave the
   10     variable `amp_ssh_key_name` blank and no ssh key will be installed. This
   11     is the same result as using `amp_ssh_access_allowed = False`.
   12 security:
   13   - |
   14     It is now possible to completely remove sshd from the amphora image, to
   15     further lock down access and increase security. If this is set, providing
   16     an `amp_ssh_key_name` in config will install the key, but ssh access will
   17     not be possible as sshd will not be running.