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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - When booting an instance, its sanitized 'hostname' attribute is now used to
    4     populate the 'dns_name' attribute of the Neutron ports the instance is
    5     attached to.
    6     This functionality enables the Neutron internal DNS service to know the
    7     ports by the instance's hostname. As a consequence, commands like
    8     'hostname -f' will work as expected when executed in the instance.
    9     When a port's network has a non-blank 'dns_domain' attribute, the port's
   10     'dns_name' combined with the network's 'dns_domain' will be published by
   11     Neutron in an external DNS as a service like Designate. As a consequence,
   12     the instance's hostname is published in the external DNS as a service.
   13     This functionality is added to Nova when the 'DNS Integration' extension
   14     is enabled in Neutron.
   15     The publication of 'dns_name' and 'dns_domain' combinations to an external
   16     DNS as a service additionally requires the configuration of the appropriate
   17     driver in Neutron.
   18     When the 'Port Binding' extension is also enabled in Neutron, the
   19     publication of a 'dns_name' and 'dns_domain' combination to the external
   20     DNS as a service will require one additional update operation when Nova
   21     allocates the port during the instance boot. This may have a noticeable
   22     impact on the performance of the boot process.