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    1 ---
    2 upgrade:
    3   - Flavors are being moved to the API database for CellsV2. In this
    4     release, the online data migrations will move any flavors you have
    5     in your main database to the API database, retaining all
    6     attributes. Until this is complete, new attempts to create flavors
    7     will return an HTTP 409 to avoid creating flavors in one place that
    8     may conflict with flavors you already have and are yet to be
    9     migrated.
   10   - Note that flavors can no longer be soft-deleted as the API
   11     database does not replicate the legacy soft-delete functionality
   12     from the main database. As such, deleted flavors are not migrated
   13     and the behavior users will experience will be the same as if a
   14     purge of deleted records was performed.