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    1 ---
    2 fixes:
    3   - |
    4     The ironic virt driver no longer reports an empty inventory for bare metal
    5     nodes that have instances on them. Instead the custom resource class, VCPU,
    6     memory and disk are reported as they are configured on the node.
    7 issues:
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    9     Due to the changes in scheduling of bare metal nodes, additional resources
   10     may be reported as free to Placement. This happens in two cases:
   12     * An instance is deployed with a flavor smaller than a node (only possible
   13       when exact filters are not used)
   14     * Node properties were modified in ironic for a deployed nodes
   16     When such instances were deployed without using a custom resource class,
   17     it is possible for the scheduler to try deploying another instance on
   18     the same node. It will cause a failure in the compute and a scheduling
   19     retry.
   21     The recommended work around is to assign a resource class to all ironic
   22     nodes, and use it for scheduling of bare metal instances.
   23 deprecations:
   24   - |
   25     Scheduling bare metal (ironic) instances using standard resource classes
   26     (VCPU, memory, disk) is deprecated and will no longer be supported in
   27     Queens.  Custom resource classes should be used instead.
   28     Please refer to the `ironic documentation
   29     <https://docs.openstack.org/ironic/latest/install/configure-nova-flavors.html#scheduling-based-on-resource-classes>`_
   30     for a detailed explanation.