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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - The subnet API now includes a new
    4     use_default_subnetpool attribute.  This attribute can
    5     be specified on creating a subnet in lieu of a
    6     subnetpool_id.  The two are mutually exclusive.  If
    7     it is specified as True, the default subnet pool for
    8     the requested ip_version will be looked up and used.
    9     If no default exists, an error will be returned.
   10 deprecations:
   11   - The default_subnet_pools option is now deprecated and
   12     will be removed in the Newton release.  The same
   13     functionality is now provided by setting is_default
   14     attribute on subnetpools to True using the API or
   15     client.
   16 fixes:
   17   - Before Mitaka, when a default subnetpool was defined
   18     in the configuration, a request to create a subnet
   19     would fall back to using it if no specific subnet
   20     pool was specified.  This behavior broke the
   21     semantics of subnet create calls in this scenario and
   22     is now considered an API bug.  This bug has been
   23     fixed so that there is no automatic fallback with the
   24     presence of a default subnet pool.  Workflows which
   25     depended on this new behavior will have to be
   26     modified to set the new use_default_subnetpool
   27     attribute when creating a subnet.