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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - Subnets now have a new property 'service_types'.
    4     This is a list of port device owners, such that
    5     only ports with a matching device owner will be
    6     given an IP from this subnet. If no matching
    7     service subnet exists for the given device owner,
    8     or no service subnets have been defined on the
    9     network, the port will be assigned an IP from a
   10     subnet with no service-types. This preserves
   11     backwards compatibility with older deployments.
   12 upgrade:
   13   - A new table 'subnet_service_types' has been added
   14     to cater for this feature. It uses the ID field
   15     from the 'subnets' table as a foreign key.