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    1 [metadata]
    2 name = murano.plugins.example
    3 description = Example Plugin to extend collection of MuranoPL system classes
    4 summary = An example Murano Plugin demonstrating extensibility of MuranoPL
    5           classes with code written in Python. This particular plugin uses
    6           python-glanceclient to call OpenStack Images API to list available
    7           images and return their ids to caller. Anther available method allows
    8           to get murano-related metadata from image with a given id.
    9 author = Alexander Tivelkov
   10 author-email = ativelkov@mirantis.com
   12 [files]
   13 packages = murano_exampleplugin
   15 [entry_points]
   16 io.murano.extensions =
   17     mirantis.example.Glance = murano_exampleplugin:GlanceClient