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Docker image for Monasca Log API

The Monasca log API image is based on the monasca-base image.

Building monasca-base image

See https://github.com/openstack/monasca-common/tree/master/docker/README.rst

Building Monasca log API image


$ ./build_image.sh <repository_version> <upper_constains_branch> <common_version>

Requirements from monasca-base image


This file will be used for checking the status of the Monasca Log API application.



In this starting script provide all steps that lead to the proper service start. Including usage of wait scripts and templating of configuration files. You also could provide the ability to allow running container after service died for easier debugging.


Please read detailed build description inside the script.

Environment variables

Variable Default Description
KAFKA_URI kafka:9092 URI to Apache Kafka (distributed streaming platform)
KAFKA_WAIT_FOR_TOPICS log The topic where log-api streams the log messages
KAFKA_WAIT_RETRIES 24 Number of kafka connect attempts
KAFKA_WAIT_DELAY 5 Seconds to wait between attempts
MONASCA_CONTAINER_LOG_API_PORT 5607 The port from the log pipeline endpoint
MEMCACHED_URI memcached:11211 URI to Keystone authentication cache
AUTHORIZED_ROLES admin,domainuser,domainadmin,monasca-user Roles for Monasca users (full API access)
AGENT_AUTHORIZED_ROLES monasca-agent Roles for Monasca agents (sending data only)
KEYSTONE_IDENTITY_URI http://keystone:35357 URI to Keystone admin endpoint
KEYSTONE_AUTH_URI http://keystone:5000 URI to Keystone public endpoint
KEYSTONE_ADMIN_USER admin OpenStack administrator user name
KEYSTONE_ADMIN_PASSWORD secretadmin OpenStack administrator user password
KEYSTONE_ADMIN_TENANT admin OpenStack administrator tenant name
KEYSTONE_ADMIN_DOMAIN default OpenStack administrator domain
GUNICORN_WORKERS 9 Number of gunicorn (WSGI-HTTP server) workers
GUNICORN_WORKER_CLASS gevent Used gunicorn worker class
GUNICORN_WORKER_CONNECTIONS 2000 Number of gunicorn worker connections
GUNICORN_BACKLOG 1000 Number of gunicorn backlogs
GUNICORN_TIMEOUT 10 Gunicorn connection timeout
PYTHONIOENCODING utf-8 Python encoding
ADD_ACCESS_LOG false Enable gunicorn request/access logging
ACCESS_LOG_FORMAT "%(asctime)s [%(process)d] gunicorn.access [%(levelname)s] %(message)s" Define the logging format
ACCESS_LOG_FIELDS '%(h)s %(l)s %(u)s %(t)s %(r)s %(s)s %(b)s "%(f)s" "%(a)s" %(L)s' Define the fields to be logged
LOG_LEVEL_ROOT WARN Log level for root logging
LOG_LEVEL_CONSOLE INFO Log level for console logging
LOG_LEVEL_ACCESS INFO Log level for access logging
STAY_ALIVE_ON_FAILURE false If true, container runs 2 hours after tests fail

Provide configuration templates