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Configuration files

Overview of monasca-log-api's configuration files.


This is the main configuration file of monasca-log-api. It can be located in several places. During startup, monasca-log-api searches for it in the following directories:

Alternatively, you can roll with a multi-file-based configuration model. In this case, monasca-log-api searches the configuration files in the following directories:

Regardless of the location, the name of the main configuration file should always be monasca-log-api.conf. For files located in .conf.d directories, the name is irrelevant, but it should indicate the file content.

For example, when guring keystone communication. The keystonemiddleware configuration would be, therefore, located in, for example, /etc/monasca-log-api.conf.d/keystonemiddleware.conf

A sample of this configuration file is also available here <sample-configuration-api>


This file contains the logging setup for monasca-log-api. It should be referenced from monasca-log-api.conf using, for example, the following code snippet:

log_config_append = /etc/monasca/log-api-logging.conf

A sample of this configuration file is also available here <sample-configuration-logging>


This file contains the PasteDeploy configuration. It describes all pipelines that are running within a single instance of monasca-log-api.

There is nothing you should try and modify in this file, apart from enabling/disabling oslo_middleware.debug:Debug.

To enable oslo_middleware.debug:Debug for Log v3 pipeline, log-api-paste.ini should contain code similar to this one:

use = egg:Paste#urlmap
/v3.0: la_api_v3

pipeline = debug {{ other pipeline members }}

paste.filter_factory = oslo_middleware.debug:Debug.factory

This particular filter might be useful for examining the WSGI environment during troubleshooting or local development.


This is the configuration file for policies to access the services. the path of the file can be defined in monasca-log-api.conf:

policy_file = log-api.policy.yaml

More information about policy file configuration can be found at oslo.policy

A sample of this configuration file is also available here <sample-configuration-policy>