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Control and manage masakari database


masakari-manage <category> <action> [<args>]


masakari-manage controls DB by managing various admin-only aspects of masakari.


The standard pattern for executing a masakari-manage command is:

masakari-manage <category> <command> [<args>]

Run without arguments to see a list of available command categories:


You can also run with a category argument such as db to see a list of all commands in that category:

masakari-manage db

These sections describe the available categories and arguments for masakari-manage.

Masakari Database

masakari-manage db version

Print the current main database version.

masakari-manage db sync [--version <version>]

Upgrade the main database schema up to the most recent version or --version if specified.

masakari-manage db purge

Deleting rows older than 30 day(s) from table hosts, failover_segments and notifications.