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    1 ---
    2 fixes:
    3   - |
    4     NetApp ONTAP share delete operation can fail sometimes when is triggered
    5     immediately after migration cancelation on a overloaded NetApp backend.
    6     Canceling an ongoing migration is an asynchronous operation on an
    7     ONTAP storage system.
    8     Now the NetApp driver checks if the asynchronous API has ended  its
    9     operation before reporting migration cancelation success. If the operation
   10     of the asynchronous API did not end within the specified timeout, the
   11     ``migration cancel`` cancel operation will be considered unsuccessful.
   12     To do so, a new configuration option ``netapp_migration_cancel_timeout``
   13     has been added.
   14 upgrade:
   15   - |
   16     The configuration option ``netapp_migration_cancel_timeout`` can be
   17     specified in the NetApp backend section to redefine the amount of time
   18     that the NetApp driver must attempt to wait on the asynchronous
   19     operation to cancel an ongoing migration. This option is set to 3600
   20     seconds by default, which is sufficient time in most cases.