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Share drivers

drivers/generic-driver.rst drivers/cephfs-native-driver.rst drivers/dell-emc-powermax-driver.rst drivers/dell-emc-unity-driver.rst drivers/dell-emc-vnx-driver.rst drivers/glusterfs-driver.rst drivers/glusterfs-native-driver.rst drivers/hdfs-native-driver.rst drivers/lvm-driver.rst drivers/zfs-on-linux-driver.rst drivers/zfssa-manila-driver.rst drivers/emc-isilon-driver.rst drivers/hitachi-hnas-driver.rst drivers/hitachi-hsp-driver.rst drivers/hpe-3par-share-driver.rst drivers/huawei-nas-driver.rst drivers/ibm-spectrumscale-driver.rst drivers/infinidat-share-driver.rst drivers/infortrend-nas-driver.rst drivers/maprfs-native-driver.rst drivers/netapp-cluster-mode-driver.rst drivers/quobyte-driver.rst drivers/windows-smb-driver.rst drivers/nexentastor5-driver.rst

To use different share drivers for the Shared File Systems service, use the parameters described in these sections.

The Shared File Systems service can handle multiple drivers at once. The configuration for all of them follows a common paradigm:

  1. In the configuration file manila.conf, configure the option enabled_backends with the list of names for your configuration.

    For example, if you want to enable two drivers and name them Driver1 and Driver2:

    # ...
    enabled_backends = Driver1 Driver2
  2. Configure a separate section for each driver using these names. You need to define in each section at least the option share_driver and assign it the value of your driver. In this example it is the generic driver:

    share_driver = manila.share.drivers.generic.GenericShareDriver
    # ...
    share_driver = manila.share.drivers.generic.GenericShareDriver
    # ...

The share drivers are included in the Shared File Systems repository.