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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - |
    4     Adds power failure recovery to ironic. For nodes that ironic had put into
    5     maintenance mode due to power failure, ironic periodically checks their
    6     power state, and moves them out of maintenance mode when power state can
    7     be retrieved. The interval of this check is configured via
    8     ``[conductor]power_failure_recovery_interval`` configuration option, the
    9     default value is 300 (seconds). Set to 0 to disable this behavior.
   10 upgrade:
   11   - |
   12     Power failure recovery introduces a new configuration option
   13     ``[conductor]power_failure_recovery_interval``, which is enabled and set
   14     to 300 seconds by default. In case the default value is not suitable for
   15     the needs or scale of a deployment, please make adjustment or turn it off
   16     during upgrade.
   17   - |
   18     Power failure recovery does not apply to nodes that were in maintenance
   19     mode due to power failure before upgrade, they have to be manually moved
   20     out of maintenance mode.