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    1 ---
    2 deprecations:
    3   - |
    4     Configuration option ``glance_api_servers`` from the ``[glance]``
    5     section in the configuration file is deprecated
    6     and will be ignored in the Rocky release.
    7     Instead, use ``[glance]/endpoint_override`` configuration option to set
    8     a specific (possibly load-balanced) glance API address when automatic
    9     discovery of glance API endpoint from keystone catalog is not desired.
   10     This new option defaults to ``None`` and must be set explicitly if needed.
   11     This new option is mostly suited for standalone ironic deployments without
   12     keystone and its service catalog, and it is generally recommended to
   13     rely on keystone service catalog for service endpoint discovery.
   15   - |
   16     Configuration option ``[glance]/glance_api_insecure`` is deprecated
   17     and will be ignored in the Rocky release.
   18     Instead, use ``[glance]/insecure`` configuration option
   19     (its default is ``False``).
   21   - |
   22     Configuration option ``[glance]/glance_cafile`` is deprecated
   23     and will be ignored in the Rocky release.
   24     Instead, use ``[glance]/cafile`` configuration option
   25     (its default is ``None``).
   26   - |
   27     Configuration option ``[glance]/auth_strategy`` is deprecated
   28     and will be ignored in the Rocky release.
   29     Instead, to setup glance in noauth mode set ``[glance]/auth_type``
   30     configuration option to ``none`` and provide glance API address as
   31     ``[glance]/endpoint_override`` configuration option.