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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - A new configuration option
    4     ``[deploy]continue_if_disk_secure_erase_fails``, which
    5     has a default value of False, has been added. If set to
    6     True, the Ironic Python Agent will revert to a disk shred
    7     operation if an ATA secure erase operation fails. Under
    8     normal circumstances, the failure of an ATA secure erase
    9     operation results in the node being put in ``clean failed``
   10     state.
   11 upgrade:
   12   - A new configuration option
   13     ``[deploy]continue_if_disk_secure_erase_fails``, which
   14     has a default value of False, has been added. The default
   15     setting represents the standard behavior of the Ironic
   16     Python Agent during a cleaning failure.