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    4     Some combinations of port group protocols and hardware might not support
    5     falling back to single interface mode. If a static port group was created
    6     under such circumstances (where
    7     ``portgroup.standalone_ports_supported = False``), additional restrictions
    8     apply to such ports and port groups, for example such ports will not
    9     support booting over PXE.
   11     Certain restrictions are imposed on values of port properties for ports
   12     belonging to a port group:
   14     * ``port.pxe_enabled`` cannot be set to True if the port is a member of
   15       a port group with portgroup.standalone_ports_supported already
   16       set to False.
   17     * ``portgroup.standalone_ports_supported`` cannot be set to False on a
   18       port group if at least one port in that port group has
   19       ``port.pxe_enabled=True``
   20     * ``port.extra.vif_port_id`` cannot be set on a port that is a member of
   21       a port group with ``portgroup.standalone_ports_supported=False`` as
   22       setting it means that we using port in single interface mode.
   23     * ``portgroup.standalone_ports_supported`` cannot be set to False on a
   24       port group if it has at least one port with ``port.extra.vif_port_id``
   25       set.