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    1 ---
    2 upgrade:
    3   - |
    4     The following deprecated settings have been dropped.
    6     * ``HORIZON_IMAGES_ALLOW_UPLOAD`` (deprecated in Newton):
    7       Use ``HORIZON_IMAGES_UPLOAD_MODE`` instead.
    9       (both deprecated in Mitaka): Use AVAILABLE_THEMES instead.
   10     * ``OPENSTACK_TOKEN_HASH_ENABLED`` (deprecated in Mitaka):
   11       PKI tokens currently work with hashing (before Ocata) and
   12       Keystone already dropped PKI token support in Ocata.
   13     * ``TOKEN_DELETION_DISABLED`` (deprecated in Ocata):
   14       It was not marked as deprecated in the horizon documentation,
   15       but this had no effect since Ocata release.