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    1 {% extends 'project/networks/ports/_edit_port_help.html' %}
    2 {% load i18n %}
    4 {% block admin_fields %}
    5   <dt>{% trans "Device ID" %}</dt>
    6   <dd>{% blocktrans trimmed %}Device ID attached to the port.
    7     {% endblocktrans %}</dd>
    8   <dt>{% trans "Device Owner" %}</dt>
    9   <dd>{% blocktrans trimmed %}Device owner attached to the port.
   10     {% endblocktrans %}</dd>
   11   <dt>{% trans "Binding: Host" %}</dt>
   12   <dd>{% blocktrans trimmed %}The ID of the host where the port is allocated.
   13     In some cases, different implementations can run on different hosts.
   14     {% endblocktrans %}</dd>
   15   <dt>{% trans "MAC Address" %}</dt>
   16   <dd>{% blocktrans trimmed %}MAC address for the port.
   17     {% endblocktrans %}</dd>
   18 {% endblock admin_fields %}