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    2 upgrade:
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    4     Operators who use property protections with the
    5     ``property_protection_rule_format`` set to  ``policies`` must still
    6     define the policy rules used for property protections in a policy
    7     file.  The content of the file may be JSON or YAML.  Additionally,
    8     we suggest that the absolute pathname of this file be set as the
    9     value of ``policy_file`` in the ``[oslo_policy]`` section of the
   10     ``glance-api.conf`` file.
   12     Be aware that if you define a policy rule for ``default`` or
   13     ``context_is_admin``, that policy rule will also be used by the
   14     policies that govern permissions to perform actions using the
   15     Images API, even if these actions are not specified in the policy
   16     file.