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    1 {
    2     "description": "You can configure the CPU limits with control parameters.",
    3     "name": "CPU Limits",
    4     "properties": {
    5         "quota:cpu_period": {
    6             "description": "Specifies the enforcement interval (unit: microseconds) for QEMU and LXC hypervisors. Within a period, each VCPU of the domain is not allowed to consume more than the quota worth of runtime. The value should be in range [1000, 1000000]. A period with value 0 means no value.",
    7             "maximum": 1000000,
    8             "minimum": 1000,
    9             "title": "Quota: CPU Period",
   10             "type": "integer"
   11         },
   12         "quota:cpu_quota": {
   13             "description": "Specifies the maximum allowed bandwidth (unit: microseconds). A domain with a negative-value quota indicates that the domain has infinite bandwidth, which means that it is not bandwidth controlled. The value should be in range [1000, 18446744073709551] or less than 0. A quota with value 0 means no value. You can use this feature to ensure that all vCPUs run at the same speed.",
   14             "title": "Quota: CPU Quota",
   15             "type": "integer"
   16         },
   17         "quota:cpu_shares": {
   18             "description": "Specifies the proportional weighted share for the domain. If this element is omitted, the service defaults to the OS provided defaults. There is no unit for the value; it is a relative measure based on the setting of other VMs. For example, a VM configured with value 2048 gets twice as much CPU time as a VM configured with value 1024.",
   19             "title": "Quota: CPU Shares",
   20             "type": "integer"
   21         }
   22     },
   23     "required": []
   24 }