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OpenStack EC2 API

Support of EC2 API for OpenStack. This project provides a standalone EC2 API service which pursues two goals:

  1. Implement VPC API which is now absent in nova's EC2 API
  2. Create a standalone service for EC2 API support which accommodates not only the VPC API but the rest of the EC2 API currently present in nova as well.

It doesn't replace existing nova EC2 API service in deployment, it gets installed to a different port (8788 by default).

The ec2-api service consists of the following components:

ec2-api service

Accepts and responds to end user EC2 and VPC API calls.

ec2-api-metadata service

Provides the OpenStack Metadata API to servers. The metadata is used to configure the running servers.

Installing EC2API


Configuring EC2API


EC2API Reference


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