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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - |
    4     RBD driver supports returning a static total capacity value instead of a
    5     dynamic value like it's been doing.  Configurable with
    6     `report_dynamic_total_capacity` configuration option.
    7 upgrade:
    8   - |
    9     RBD/Ceph backends should adjust `max_over_subscription_ratio` to take into
   10     account that the driver is no longer reporting volume's physical usage but
   11     it's provisioned size.
   12 fixes:
   13   - |
   14     RBD stats report has been fixed, now properly reports
   15     `allocated_capacity_gb` and `provisioned_capacity_gb` with the sum of the
   16     sizes of the volumes (not physical sizes) for volumes created by Cinder and
   17     all available in the pool respectively.  Free capacity will now properly
   18     handle quota size restrictions of the pool.