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    1 ---
    2 upgrade:
    3   - To get rid of long running DB data migrations that must be run offline,
    4     Cinder will now be able to execute them online, on a live cloud. Before
    5     upgrading from Ocata to Pike, operator needs to perform all the Newton
    6     data migrations. To achieve that he needs to perform ``cinder-manage db
    7     online_data_migrations`` until there are no records to be updated. To limit
    8     DB performance impact migrations can be performed in chunks limited by
    9     ``--max_number`` option. If your intent is to upgrade Cinder in a non-live
   10     manner, you can use ``--ignore_state`` option safely. Please note that
   11     finishing all the Newton data migrations will be enforced by the first
   12     schema migration in Pike, so you won't be able to upgrade to Pike without
   13     that.