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    1 ---
    2 features:
    3   - |
    4     A new "token_labels" option has been added to the PKCS#11 driver which
    5     supersedes the previous "token_label" option.  The new option is used to
    6     specify a list of tokens that can be used by Barbican.  This is required
    7     for some HSM devices that use separate tokens for load balancing.  For most
    8     use cases the new option will just have a single token.  The old option
    9     is deprecated, but will still be used if present.
   10 deprecations:
   11   - |
   12     The "token_label" option in the PKCS#11 driver is deprecated.  Th new
   13     "token_labels" option should be used instead.  If present, "token_label"
   14     will still be used by appending it to "token_labels".