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DH_get_1024_160, DH_get_2048_224, DH_get_2048_256, BN_get0_nist_prime_192, BN_get0_nist_prime_224, BN_get0_nist_prime_256, BN_get0_nist_prime_384, BN_get0_nist_prime_521, BN_get_rfc2409_prime_768, BN_get_rfc2409_prime_1024, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_1536, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_2048, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_3072, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_4096, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_6144, BN_get_rfc3526_prime_8192 - Create standardized public primes or DH pairs


 #include <openssl/dh.h>
 DH *DH_get_1024_160(void)
 DH *DH_get_2048_224(void)
 DH *DH_get_2048_256(void)

 const BIGNUM *BN_get0_nist_prime_192(void)
 const BIGNUM *BN_get0_nist_prime_224(void)
 const BIGNUM *BN_get0_nist_prime_256(void)
 const BIGNUM *BN_get0_nist_prime_384(void)
 const BIGNUM *BN_get0_nist_prime_521(void)

 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc2409_prime_768(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc2409_prime_1024(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_1536(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_2048(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_3072(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_4096(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_6144(BIGNUM *bn)
 BIGNUM *BN_get_rfc3526_prime_8192(BIGNUM *bn)


DH_get_1024_160(), DH_get_2048_224(), and DH_get_2048_256() each return a DH object for the IETF RFC 5114 value.

BN_get0_nist_prime_192(), BN_get0_nist_prime_224(), BN_get0_nist_prime_256(), BN_get0_nist_prime_384(), and BN_get0_nist_prime_521() functions return a BIGNUM for the specific NIST prime curve (e.g., P-256).

BN_get_rfc2409_prime_768(), BN_get_rfc2409_prime_1024(), BN_get_rfc3526_prime_1536(), BN_get_rfc3526_prime_2048(), BN_get_rfc3526_prime_3072(), BN_get_rfc3526_prime_4096(), BN_get_rfc3526_prime_6144(), and BN_get_rfc3526_prime_8192() functions return a BIGNUM for the specified size from IETF RFC 2409. If bn is not NULL, the BIGNUM will be set into that location as well.


Defined above.


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