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    1 There is often a need to generate test certificates automatically using
    2 a script. This is often a cause for confusion which can result in incorrect
    3 CA certificates, obsolete V1 certificates or duplicate serial numbers.
    4 The range of command line options can be daunting for a beginner.
    6 The mkcerts.sh script is an example of how to generate certificates
    7 automatically using scripts. Example creates a root CA, an intermediate CA
    8 signed by the root and several certificates signed by the intermediate CA.
   10 The script then creates an empty index.txt file and adds entries for the
   11 certificates and generates a CRL. Then one certificate is revoked and a
   12 second CRL generated.
   14 The script ocsprun.sh runs the test responder on port 8888 covering the
   15 client certificates.
   17 The script ocspquery.sh queries the status of the certificates using the
   18 test responder.