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Source code check for common misspellings in openldap-2.4.54.tgz (12 Oct 21:44, 5885717 Bytes)

About: OpenLDAP is a suite of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) servers, clients, utilities, and development tools.

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Codespell report for "OpenLDAP" (2.4.54): Some configuration information and details

To avoid wrong codespell matches (FPs = "False Positives") some directories and files are excluded per default by Fossies since they may contain words from non-English languages, typical variable or personal names, binary-like data or included external project software. Similar some words are excluded per default that were found often as supposed FPs in earlier misspelling checks of different projects. Additionally for every project one or more preliminary runs were done and where appropriate some directories, files and/or words are project-specific excluded that are judged by Fossies as supposed FPs. If you found errors below or have improvements please inform us by sending an according mail to info@fossies.org.

Excluded words

Fossies "OpenLDAP" project-specific added word list:

absolut   aci   ACI   acount   applicatio   arry   asign   AUXILIAR   CACH   DNE   earch   edn   fIDN   Hampster   larg   leapyear   Manal   ment   noone   objec   Pass-thru   resul   sie   skeep   STRUC   tbe   THRU   ture   ure   URE

Fossies basic word list:

accreting   Ake   ALine   alloced   alloco   alsptd   ang   ans   ANS   archType   arithmetics   BRE   cant   Chang   circularly   Circularly   claus   Claus   configury   co-ordinate   co-ordinates   creat   CREAT   currentY   dependancies   dependancy   dependant   doubleclick   doubleClick   DoubleClick   dout   Dout   DOUT   dum   dur   Dur   FileTest   flate   Flate   FLATE   fpr   gord   gost   Gost   GOST   hel   hist   HIST   ifset   iif   inactivate   indention   inout   inOut   InOut   INOUT   ist   IST   keypair   keyPair   Keypair   KeyPair   keypairs   keyPairs   Keypairs   KeyPairs   Maked   minimise   mitre   Mitre   MITRE   msdos   MSDOS   Ned   numer   offsetp   ois   openin   origN   parm   pARM   Parm   PARM   parms   pARMS   Parms   PARMs   PARMS   pass-thru   pres   que   readd   Readd   readded   Readded   sav   SEH   ser   Ser   SER   technics   therefor   Therefor   therefrom   thru   Thur   THUR   tolen   userA   UserA   varN   WAN   wont

Additionally excluded (ignored) are also all "two character" words, all words that contain "only lowercase letters except an uppercase letter in second place" or "a last uppercase letter preceded by a lowercase letter" (very often classified as FPs) and all words with an apostrophe at the end (often words at the end of a single quote delimited string definition unrecognized by codespell).

Excluded directories and files

Fossies "OpenLDAP" project-specific added dir/file list:

*/doc/drafts/draft*.txt   */doc/rfc/rfc*.txt   */libraries/liblunicode/ucdata/MUTTUCData.txt

Fossies basic dir/file list:

*/3rd*[pP]arty/*   */aspell/*   */charsets/*   */chrtrans/*   */codepage/*   */data/*   */dict/*   */dictionaries/*   */[eE]ncode/*   */[eE]ncodings/*   */extern/*   */external/*   */externals/*   */i18n/*   */icu/*   */intl/*   */lang/*   */langmap/*   */*[lL]ocale*/*   */[mM]ath[jJ]ax/*   */runtime/*   */translations/*   */[tT]hird*[pP]arty/*   */unicode/*   */Unicode/*   */unicore/*   */vendor/*   */.versions/*   *_8h.html   *_8h_source.html   */AUTHORS*   *.eps   /fonts/*   *.fr.utf-8   *__*__*.html   *.html.de   *.html.es   *.html.fr   *.html.ko.euc-kr   *.html.pt-br   *.info_[0-9]   *.ja.utf8   *.js.map   *.min.js   *.po   *.ps   *.rtf   *.svg   *.svn   THANKS*   *.tr.utf8   *.zh-cn.utf8   ABOUT-NLS   authors.xml   CONTRIBUTORS   CREDITS   jquery.js   jquery.min.map   MAINTAINERS   NormalizationTest.txt   UnicodeData.txt

Fossies "autogen" file list (files generated by code-production systems such as GNU autoconf):

aclocal.m4   announce-gen   autogen.sh   compile   config.guess   config.h.in   config.rpath   config.status   config.sub   configure   configure.in   depcomp   gendocs.sh   gitlog-to-changelog   git-version-gen   gnupload   gnu-web-doc-update   install-sh   libtool   libtool.m4   link-warning.h   ltmain.sh   lt~obsolete.m4   ltoptions.m4   ltsugar.m4   ltversion.in   ltversion.m4   pkg.m4   Makefile.in   mdate-sh   missing   mkinstalldirs   test-driver   texinfo.tex   update-copyright   useless-if-before-free   vc-list-files   ylwrap

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