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    1 Tue May  6 2008 - wnl (3.8beta1)
    2 	Main code: fixed bugs in screen_cleareol and in display code. Fixed
    3 	bug in i_swap when all data is 0.  Added ^W patch (from thaquis).
    4 	Fixed bug in xdprintf.  Added command line options for the "t" and
    5 	"m" commands.
    6 	SunOS 5 changes:  Support for showing individual threads.  Redid
    7 	allocation of prpsinfo structures.  Added a pidthr hash that uses
    8 	both pid and thread id for a key. Changed format_process_header
    9 	and format_next_process to use a table-driven method for generating
   10 	the columns.  Status files from /proc (psinfo and lpsinfo) are now
   11 	cached to avoid repeatedly reopening them.  Column showing number of
   12 	LWPs is now called "NLWP" and column showing lwpid is "LWP".
   13 	FreeBSD changes: Runtime check to ensure binary is running on
   14 	the same machine type it was compiled for.  Lots of cleanup and
   15 	changed nearly everything to use sysctl rather than kvm, and
   16 	inability to open kvm is no longer fatal. Improved thread reporting:
   17 	disabled for 7.x and lower.  Added lwpid hash for proper tracking
   18 	of threads.  Changed format_process_header and format_next_process
   19 	to use a table-driven method for generating the columns.
   20 	Dec Alpha: configure uses compile-time options to properly trap
   21 	and handle exceptions from the Alpha FPU (from Brian Maly).
   23 Tue Feb 26 2008 - wnl (3.7)
   24 	Prepare for version 3.7 release.
   26 Fri Feb  1 2008 - wnl (3.7beta4)
   27 	Using the $ notation in printf formats for freebsd apparently was
   28 	causing problems on 64-bit systems. All such usage has been
   29 	removed and the process line is formatted piecemeal.
   31 Thu Dec 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   32 	Improved function comments in display.c for message_error functions.
   33 	Changed some of the error messages in top.c to be more succint.
   35 Fri Dec  7 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   36 	Changes to freebsd port: moved some functions up front to
   37 	eliminate forward references. Use sysctl to get all vm stats
   38 	information, as some of this isn't updated in the struct
   39 	vmmeter under FreeBSD 7.0.  Added routines to support large-scale
   40 	sysctl access.
   42 Wed Nov 28 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   43 	Changes to documentation: FAQ, README, man page.
   45 Tue Nov 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   46 	For freebsd, added page faults, pageins, pageouts, and pages
   47 	freed to the kernel display line.  These numbers reflect the
   48 	values presented in vmstat.  For sunos5, added page faults,
   49 	pageins and pageouts to the kernel display line.
   51 Fri Nov  2 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   52 	Added copyright notices to the top of every source and include file.
   53 	Added copyright information to the man page.
   54 	Removed a few outdated things from the manifest.
   55 	Minor changes to sigconv.awk. 
   57 Sat Oct 27 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   58 	Added check for sys_signame at configure time and if it is
   59 	present then it is used in commands.c to translate signal names
   60 	in to numbers.
   61 	Added alternate snprintf and vsnprintf functions from apache (in
   62 	ap_snprintf.c).  Added configure magic to define and compile them in
   63 	where needed.  Added check to configure for variadic macros.
   64 	Preprocessor defintion of dprintf (in utils.h) now depends on
   65 	support for variadic macros.  Cleaned up m_linux code.
   67 Wed Oct  3 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   68 	Lots of changes, thanks to Mark Wong.  Most changes were to
   69 	clean the code up so that it would compile cleanly with -Wall
   70 	(all warnings).  Changed function names in screen.c so that
   71 	they all start with "screen_".  Isolated all interaction with
   72 	termcap to screen.c by adding a real function for cursor
   73 	addressing (in the past it was just a macro).  Only screen.c
   74 	now needs to worry about defining templates for the termcap
   75 	functions.  Added configure and preprocessor magic to ensure
   76 	that all the termcap functions used in the code are defined
   77 	with templates.  Changed names of some other functions and
   78 	global variables to avoid name conflicts with functions in
   79 	curses and other well established libraries.  Changed dprintf
   80 	macro to use variadic arguments so that the preprocessor can
   81 	gobble up the entire call when compiling without debugging
   82 	(this will have to be made more portable). All include files
   83 	are surrounded by #ifndef statements to accomodate multiple
   84 	inclusions.  Platform module is now compiled with
   85 	-fno-strict-aliasing as some of the modules do type punning
   86 	that can confuse the optimizer.
   88 Wed Sep 26 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   89 	For freebsd, priority is no longer normalized by PZERO.  This
   90 	contradicts the behavior used by ps when it displays priority.
   91 	But normalizing by PZERO has become a bit of an anachronism
   92 	and it actually obscures the meaning of the priority without
   93 	adding any real value.
   95 Wed Sep 19 2007 - wnl (3.7beta3)
   96 	Many changes to improve the display of threads.  Changed
   97 	process summary line to use the word "threads" when showing
   98 	individual threads.  Added the system command to toggle the
   99 	display of system processes.  Fixed bug in hash.c remove_pos.
  100 	For freebsd: count threads correctly when they are being
  101 	displayed, nice column is more closely in line with ps
  102 	(nothing fancy for real time processes), add two more process
  103 	states that didn't exist in older releases of freebsd (wait
  104 	and lock).
  105 	For linux: Threads done right.  Now track individual threads
  106 	of multi-threaded processes separately so that we always know
  107 	their %cpu.  Switch to format_process_header so that we can
  108 	change the column headings and remove the THR column when
  109 	displaying individual threads.  Switched process (and thread)
  110 	tracking over to use generic hash table functions included
  111 	with the new version of top.  Process states and total now
  112 	include threads when they are being shown. Added "SHR" column
  113 	to show the amount of shared memory per process. Improved
  114 	calculation of elapsed time and percent cpu to avoid
  115 	overflows. Remove weighted cpu calculations entirely as it is
  116 	an anachronism.
  117 	For Solaris: Moved check for libelf to accomodate older systems.
  119 Sun Sep  9 2007 - wnl (3.7beta2)
  120 	Documentation changes.  Fixes to sunos5 port.  Added display of
  121 	thread count and selection by command name to linux port.  Removed
  122 	the use of inline functions from hash.c as that doesn't appear to
  123 	be very portable.
  125 Wed Sep  5 2007 - wnl (3.7beta1)
  126 	Fixed freebsd and linux configuration bugs.  Added configuration
  127 	options for tweaking program defaults.  Rewrote top level code
  128 	(top.c) from scratch, including command handling so that adding
  129 	new commands is much easier.  Changed message-line handling to
  130 	ensure that the message is displayed for at least 5 seconds
  131 	regardless of the update frequency.  Added a "miniupdate" that
  132 	occurs one second after the initial screen on systems that don't
  133 	already delay the first screen.  The mini-update shows cpu state
  134 	percentages.  Added ability to select output by command name on
  135 	some systems.  Fixed color toggling via the "C" command.  Added
  136 	long options via getopt_long to complement the existing single
  137 	character options.  Added the freebsd "m" command to chose
  138 	alternate display modes.  On freebsd this gives a process i/o
  139 	display.  Added the freebsd "H" command to select the display of
  140 	individual threads.  Added "-a" option ("all") to set number of
  141 	displays and number of processes to infinity (equivalent to
  142 	"-d all all").  Added dual architecture compilation for Solaris
  143 	to generate both a 32-bit and a 64-bit binary.  This is on by
  144 	default when compiling on a 64-bit system and can be explicitly
  145 	set via "configure --enable-dualarch".  Added uniform hashing
  146 	functions that use bucket hash for uint, pid, and string.  Changed
  147 	username.c and the sunos and freebsd modules to use these functions.
  148 	Added the "kernel" information line to the display to show
  149 	statistics on what the kernel is doing (context switches, forks, 
  150 	traps, etc.).  This requires explicit support by the platform
  151 	module, currently only freebsd, linux, and sunos.
  153 Wed Apr 18 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
  154 	Fixed a few bugs in sigconv.awk that were causing incorrect
  155 	results on FreeBSD.  Changed configure.ac to fix a few linux
  156 	problems: signal include file and /proc/1/stat.
  158 Fri Apr 13 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
  159 	Removed the use of VPATH for compiling the system module and used
  160 	an explicit dependency in the Makefile instead.  VPATH is now set
  161 	to just srcdir to ensure that top will compile correctly when
  162 	configured from a different directory.  On systems without VPATH
  163 	support, top will still configure and compile, but only
  164 	from within the source directory.  This fixes bug 1699526.
  166 Fri Feb  2 2007 - wnl (3.6.1)
  167 	Revised the way that configure figures out owner, group, and mode.
  168 	For systems that don't use the kernel, it tries to match install
  169 	settings to allow access to stuff in /proc.  More importantly, if
  170 	mode is 755 then neither owner nor group are set.  This fixes bug
  171 	1631136.  Added patch from haanjdj@xs4all.nl to fix an occasional
  172 	core dump in m_decosf1.c.  This checks return code from task_threads.
  173 	Made sure all get_system_info functions are declared void.  Fixed
  174 	string termination bug.  Cleaned up documetation for sunos5.
  176 Tue Aug  8 2006 - wnl (3.6.1)
  177 	For Solaris, changed the tag "swap" to "total swap" to clarify
  178 	what is beign displayed.  Note that the calculations are still the
  179 	same: the display is just showing total rather than total - free.
  181 Thu Apr 27 2006 - wnl (3.6)
  182 	Added patches for linux-style sort shortcuts and for Unixware
  183 	support in configure (patch 1474427).  Fixed sunos5 to do slow start
  184 	and to ensure cpucount is set (patch 1477386).  Added pagination
  185 	routines to display.c and modified show_help to use it, since the
  186 	help screen is now longer than 24 lines.  Applied patch for unixware
  187 	support that adds check for mas library (patch #1474423).  Solaris
  188 	cpu percent now reflects a percentage of the entire server, rather
  189 	than a single cpu (bug 1478138).
  191 Mon Mar 27 2006 - wnl (3.6)
  192 	The production release of version 3.6.  Fixed a minor scaling
  193 	bug in the decosf1 module.  Support for MacOS X is officially
  194 	withdrawn although the macosx module is still part of the
  195 	distribution.  Hopefully this is a temporary situation.
  196 	Documentation updated.
  199 Wed Feb 15 2006 - wnl (3.6beta5)
  200 	Minor changes to eliminate warnings from the Sun Studio compiler.
  201 	These were mostly sloppy argument declarations.  I also added
  202 	message.h to provide an interface file for just the message
  203 	related functions of display.c.
  205 Mon Dec 26 2005 - wnl (3.6beta4)
  206 	Added new netbsd module, courtesy of Simon Burge.
  207 	Fixed a few bugs in SVR4 module and added its use to
  208 	configure.ac, thanks to Sanchet Dighe.  Also ensured that the
  209 	novpath Makefile was in the distribution.
  210 	Fixed portability problem in display.c
  213 Mon Oct 24 2005 - wnl (3.6beta3)
  214 	Set up a color tagging mechanism in color.c to allow for the
  215 	dynamic creation of tag names to contol color highlighting.
  216 	These names are partially derived from the tags used to label
  217 	memory and swap information on the screen, thus are driven by
  218 	the machine module itself.  Added -T option to list color 
  219 	highlighting information.  Help screen now includes the actual
  220 	list of sort order names.  Incorporated some minor fixes to
  221 	the main code from the Freebsd source tree.  Fixed bug #1324582.
  222 	Freebsd 5: removed WCPU column and added THR column.  Display
  223 	for freebsd 4 and earlier unchanged since they don't track
  224 	threads in the kernel.  Added LICENSE file to distribution.
  226 Wed Oct 12 2005 - wnl (3.6beta2)
  227 	Major overhaul to display.c.  All lines of the display are
  228 	directly tracked and controlled via display_write and its
  229 	companion display_fmt.  Added support for complete control
  230 	of ANSI color on the screen: this will be used in the future
  231 	to allow for full use of color everywhere on the screen.
  232 	Signal handling code now uses sigaction on all systems that
  233 	support it.  Restored the freebsd module and did away with
  234 	freebsd4, and upgraded freebsd module to support 5.x.
  235 	Fix bug #1306099 (wio(wait) timer ignored on OSF1).
  237 Fri Sep 23 2005 - wnl (3.6beta1)
  238 	Fixed bugs #1266341 (compilation errors with gcc 4.x),
  239 	#1156464 (cpu% field for sunos), #1156243 (compilation
  240 	errors on AIX).  Applied patches #1217855 (Solaris 10
  241 	xarch flag).  Overhaul of sunos5 module, making code more
  242 	efficient and easier to follow.  Got rid of need for MEMTYPE
  243 	type in utils.h.  Changed all memory statistics data in the
  244 	module specification from an int to a long to better support
  245 	64-bit systems with lots of memory. Moved all unused modules
  246 	out of the distribution (I will add them back in as needed).
  247 	Moved freebsd module to freebsd4 as it won't work with 5.x
  248 	(a new module will be necessary). Added support to configure
  249 	for makes that don't understand VPATH. Updated documentation:
  250 	man page, FAQ, README, INSTALL.
  252 Mon Jan 24 2005 - wnl (3.6alpha10)
  253 	Updated aix43 module with ANSI function declarations and fixed
  254 	declaration of get_system_info.  Configure now uses irixsgi
  255 	module for irix6* systems.  Updates to the following modules:
  256 	irixsgi, sunos5.  Fixed null pointer bug in color.c. Removed
  257 	some useless code and definitions in display.c
  260 Sun Nov 28 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha9)
  261 	Replace AIX 5 module with alternate (bug 1056565).
  262 	Fixed vulnerability in use of snprintf.
  264 Fri Oct 22 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha8)
  265 	Support for linux 2.6, added more stuff to memory and swap lines.
  266 	Updated linuxthr module, which is only useful on 2.4 and earlier.
  267 	Added some color support back in (feature request 930588), but
  268 	still need to add it back to the per-process display.  Added
  269 	OSF 5 support (untested).
  270 	Fixed bug 1017951 (invalid process count argument not caught)
  272 Tue Apr 20 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha7)
  273 	Added 64 bit support for AIX.
  275 Thu Apr 15 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha6)
  276         Included fixes for decosf1 pid size and updated module.  Also
  277         added osf1 to list of recognized operating systems in configure.ac.
  279 Tue Mar 30 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha5)
  280 	Minor bug fixes and some code rearrangement.  Changes to install
  281 	rule.  Added several more platforms including: aix 4.2 thru 5,
  282 	MacOS 10, Dec OSF, HPUX 7 thru 11.  Fixed the core dumping bug
  283 	in linux.  Code cleanup, including sigdesc.h (by changing
  284 	sigconv.awk).  Startup error messages are displayed on the
  285 	first screen rather than beforehand (no more pause).  Cleaned
  286 	up interrupt handling to avoid a race condition.  Eliminated
  287 	top.local.h.  REMOVED Configure!!!
  289 Mon Mar 22 2004 - wnl (3.6alpha1)
  290 	Now using gnu autoconf.  Eliminated the need for CFLAGS and LIBS
  291 	tags in the module source files.  Autoconf tries to figure all
  292 	that out now.  Machine module interface now uses flags to determine
  293 	if module supports sorting, selective display of idle processes,
  294 	viewing full commands.  Added display of uptime for modules that
  295 	support it.  Added display of full command lines for modules that
  296 	support it.  3.5 modules must be changed a bit to work for 3.6:
  297 	ORDER is no longer defined, and the module must fill in the
  298 	appropriate fields in struct statics to get the extra features.
  299 	Added a extenstion interface to allow for putting extra stuff
  300 	on the screen -- this is still half baked and not documented.
  302 Mon Feb 23 2004 - wnl (3.5)
  303 	Turned rc1 in to version 3.5.  Only changes were to the FAQ.
  305 Mon Feb  2 2004 - wnl (3.5rc1)
  306 	Changed format_k (utils.c) to use MEMTYPE for its parameter.
  307 	On most systems this is a long, but if the module defines 
  308 	USE_SIZE_T, this is set to be a size_t.  The sunos5 module
  309 	now defines it, so that it will work correctly on 64-bit
  310 	machines.  New "linuxthr" module for rolling up processes
  311 	that are really threads.  Configure autodetects when running
  312 	on a 64-bit Solaris machine.
  314 Tue Dec 16 2003 - wnl (3.5beta13)
  315 	Improved linux module.  For Solaris, changed "THR" column
  316 	heading to "LWP" since that's what they really are.
  318 Thu Mar 30 2000 - wnl (3.5beta12)
  319 	Updated modules: m_aix41.c, m_aix43.c, m_mtxinu.c, m_sco5.c,
  320 	and m_ultrix4.c.
  321 	Included m_irixsgi.c from some source that's been floating around
  322 	SGI.  Don't yet know how it compares to m_irix62.
  324 Fri Mar 10 2000 - wnl (3.5beta11)
  325 	top.c: avoid potential loop if stdout gets closed, use macro
  326 	for p_active to avoid collision with system macros.
  327 	m_sunos5: widened some fields to accomodate 5.8.
  328 	m_decosf1: added ordering support
  329 	m_irix62_64: provides 64-bit module based on m_irix62.
  330 	m_irix62: skip bogus files in /proc directory
  331 	m_svr42MP and m_svr5: complete replacement with updated copies
  332 	m_mtxinu: complete replacement with updated copies
  333 	m_aix43: new module for 4.3
  334 	getans: replaced with a Bourne shell script
  336 Mon Mar  6 2000 - wnl (3.5beta10)
  337 	m_sunos5.c: workaround for curses bug: ensure that TERMINFO has
  338 	a value.
  340 Fri Jan 15 1999 - wnl (3.5beta10)
  341 	top.c: now check return code from read to avoid looping on eof.
  342 	top.c: delay of 0 now only valid for root.
  343 	decosf1.c: patches from Rainer Orth should fix most of the
  344 	problems with this module (including the display of certain
  345 	processes and runtime errors).
  346 	sunos5.c: Rainer insisted on putting the slash back in the
  347 	state field ("run/4") and widened the field to accomodate it.
  348 	aix.c: widened PID field for 6-digit pids (shortened NICE field)
  349 	module macosx added, thanks to Andrew Townley.
  351 Fri Dec 18 1998 - wnl (3.5beta9)
  352 	Configure checks status of "make" and complains if it fails.
  354 Thu Dec 17 1998 - wnl (3.5beta9)
  355 	Added module sco5 from Mike Hopkirk.
  356 	Added module netbsd132 from moto kawasaki.
  358 Sun Oct 25 1998 - wnl (3.5beta9)
  359 	Added Casper's patches for sunos5 for the following:
  360 	produce same results as swap -s (5.5 and higher),
  361 	don't use system_pages kstat when /dev/kmem can be opened,
  362 	skip . and .. when reading /proc, replace use of SOLARIS24
  363 	with OSREV.
  365 Fri Sep 11 1998 - wnl (3.5beta9)
  366 	Added workaround to getans for the absence of $< in SCO Unix.
  368 Wed Jul  1 1998 - wnl (3.5beta9)
  369 	Changed structure member "errno" to "errnum" in commands.c.
  370 	Replaced hpux10 module with one from John Haxby.
  372 Fri Apr 17 1998 - wnl (3.5beta8)
  373 	Moved definition of _KMEMUSER earlier in m_sunos5.c.  This should
  374 	fix the compilation problem with gnu, obviating the need
  375 	for the fixinc.svr4 patch, but hopefully will not affect anything
  376 	else.
  377 	Added -DORDER to m_sunos4mp.c
  379 Tue Nov 18 1997 - wnl (3.5beta7)
  380 	Added gcc patch for fixinc.svr4 and changed INSTALL and
  381 	FAQ to refer to it.
  382 	Added NetBSD HP9000 fix.  Hopefully it doesn't break other 
  383 	NetBSD platforms.
  385 Fri Oct 24 1997 - wnl (3.5beta7)
  386 	Modified m_dcosx.c to change uses of procdir to xprocdir, avoiding
  387 	a name clash with an include file (Bryn Parrott)
  389 Sat Oct 11 1997 - wnl (3.5beta6)
  390 	Incorporated Casper's patches for Solaris 2.6 and for the multi-
  391 	processor bug ("kstat finds too many cpus").
  393 Sun Jan 20 1996 - wnl (3.5beta5)
  394 	Fixed Casper's m_sunos5 module: there was a poor interaction with 
  395 	his use of OSREV and SunOS 5.5.1.
  397 Fri Dec 20 1996 - wnl (3.5beta4)
  398 	Replaced m_sunos5 with a reworked version by Casper Dik.  This one
  399 	should work under 2.6 and may not require that top be run setuid
  400 	to root under 2.5 or 2.6.  This also fixed a bug in m_sunos5 that
  401 	was introduced in beta3.
  402 	Fixed calculation of OSREV in Configure.
  404 Wed Nov 20 1996 - wnl (3.5beta3)
  405 	Incorporated contributed fixes to:  bsdos2, irix62, freebsd20,
  406 	ultrix4, sunos5.  Changed calculation of swap area in sunos5 (now
  407 	uses swapctl).  sunos5 now understands idled processors.  Changed
  408 	Configure to determine os revision using uname (when available)
  409 	and adding it to machine.c compiliation in Makefile as -DOSREV.
  410 	Changed calls to "exit" in modules to use "quit" instead.
  412 Oct 20 1996 - wnl (3.5beta3)
  413 	Removed "time" from list of ordering choices:  there's no easy way
  414 	to get cpu time for all processes (it's in the u area).
  416 Fri Oct 18 1996 - wnl (3.5beta3)
  417 	hpux10 and hpux9: using a better means for determining when a
  418 	process is idle.
  419 	decosf1 now includes utils.h.
  421 Fri Sep 13 1996 - wnl (3.5beta2)
  422 	Fixed Configure to build Make.desc in such a way that doesn't
  423 	require a long argument to sed.
  425 Thu Sep 12 1996 - wnl (3.5beta2)
  426 	Fixed bug in display.c that affected empty cpustate names.
  427 	Created hpux1010 module - a variant of hpux10 that does not use
  428 	struct proc or struct user (suitable for HP/UX 10.10).
  430 Wed Sep 11 1996 - wnl (3.5beta2)
  431 	Changes to sunos5 module:  Removed WCPU column since it is meaningless
  432 	on a SVR4-based system.  Added THR column to show number of threads
  433 	for each process.  This was not straightforward: the information is
  434 	not stored in prpsinfo but rather in prstatus.
  436 Tue Sep 10 1996 - wnl (3.5beta1)
  437 	Added patches for sunos4mp to provide order support.
  438 	Added irix62 module.
  439 	Changed prime.c to include stdio.h for printf prototype.
  440 	Added conditional code to os.h and utils.c to handle systems
  441 	where sys_errlist is defined in stdio.h (such as NetBSD).
  443 Mon Sep 09 1996 - wnl (3.5beta1)
  444 	Removed tar and shar rules from Makefile.X -- don't need them anymore.
  445 	Added -v option to display version number.  Updated man page.
  447 Thu Aug 29 1996 - wnl (3.4)
  448 	Replaced modules (from Tim Pugh): next 32, next40.
  449 	Fixed bug in username.c: hashing negative uids.
  451 Thu Aug 22 1996 - wnl (3.4beta3)
  452 	Patched modules:  ultrix4, sunos4, sunos5, utek, decosf1, irix5.
  453 	Added modules: next40, next32.
  454 	Fixed procstates update bug in display.c.
  455 	Fixed divide by zero bug in utils.c.
  456 	Fixed bad number in layout.h
  457 	Minor fixes to Configure.
  458 	Complete overhaul of FAQ.
  460 Tue Feb 13 1996 - wnl (3.4beta3)
  461 	Added convex module from Warren Vosper (originally written by
  462 	William Jones).
  464 Tue Feb 13 1996 - wnl (3.4beta2)
  465 	Fixed format_k in utils.c to calculate K and M values correctly.
  466 	Added check for gigabyte values ('G').  Changed sumamry_format
  467 	in display.c to use format_k where appropriate.
  468 	Changed creation of distribution tar file to place everything in
  469 	a top level directory.
  471 Tue Jan 30 1996 - wnl (3.4beta2)
  472 	Added m_aix41 module.  Added new tag type to module comments:
  473 	TERMCAP, which defined the library to use for a termcap library.
  474 	If no TERMCAP tag is found in the module's initial comment, then
  475 	Configure will default to "-ltermcap".  AIX needs this since it
  476 	put all the termcap routines in libcurses(!)
  478 	Added m_bsdos2 (found lingering in my mailbox).
  479 	Updated m_svr4 to include support for NCR multiprocessors.
  480 	Fixed small bug in utils.c
  482 Thu Jan 25 1996 - wnl (3.4beta1)
  483 	Fixed m_sunos5 invocation of gettimeofday to include "NULL" as
  484 	second argument.  This provides compatability with the Posix-
  485 	compliant template provided with SunOS 5.5, but doesn't hurt
  486 	previous versions since they do bother with a template for that
  487 	function.
  489 	Made changes (recommended by net users) to hpux10, ultrix4,
  490 	netbsd10, aux3 (replaced aux31).  Added module for linux.
  492 Fri Oct 10 1995 - wnl (3.4beta1)
  493 	Added user-contributed modules for SCO Unix, IRIX 5, HP/UX 10,
  494 	Pyramid DC/OSX.  Changed Configure so that it runs in environments
  495 	whose c-shells have no 'eval'(!).  Added support for multiple sort
  496 	ordering methods via the -o switch.  This option requires support
  497 	from the machine dependent module: such support was added to
  498 	sunos5 (thus sunos54) and sunos4.
  500 	display.c:  Changed CPU states display line to shorten the leading
  501 	tag if the data won't fit in the current width.  Fixed a divide-by-
  502 	zero bug that affected ultrasparc servers (and potentially other
  503 	systems).
  505 	m_sunos5.c: Now asks the system for the correct pagesize rather than
  506 	assuming it is 4K.
  508 Thu Mar  2 1995 - wnl (3.3 RELEASE)
  509 	Added module netbsd10 and renamed netbsd to netbsd08.  Changed
  510 	Configure so that it does not use an initial default module name.
  511 	Made other compatability fixes to Configure.  Added comments to
  512 	decosf1 concerning optimizer bug.  Other documentation changes.
  513 	Added use of "prime.c" to Configure script.
  515 Tue Feb  7 1995 - wnl (3.3beta6)
  516 	Still one more beta....
  517 	Fixes for sunos5 2.4 gcc core dump (it was an alignment problem).
  518 	Fixed and improvements for decosf1 (including use of format_k
  519 	for proper SIZE column formatting).  Added modules freebsd20 and
  520 	ncr3000.
  522 Thu Feb  2 1995 - wnl (3.3beta5)
  523 	One more beta....
  524 	Fixed a few bugs in the sunos5 port pertaining to casting and
  525 	very large memory counts.  Added "ifndef HAVE_GETOPT" to getopt.c
  526 	to provide for conditional compilation of the getopt function.
  527 	Those systems that have getopt in libc can add -DHAVE_GETOPT to
  528 	the CFLAGS line in the module to prevent the function from being
  529 	compiled.  Added sunos54 module to accomodate SunOS 5.4
  530 	peculiarities.  Added module for aux3.1.
  532 Wed Jan  4 1995 - wnl (3.3beta4)
  533 	This is really taking too long......sigh.
  534 	Fixed SIGWINCH handling	once and for all.  It now remembers the
  535         number of processes you	want displayed even thru window resizes.
  536 	Fixed buffer conflict in utils.c (itoa and itoa7).
  537         Lots of small improvements to the various modules were made over
  538 	the past month: too numberous to list here.  SunOS 5 module made
  539 	more secure thru use of seteuid calls (other SVR4 modules should
  540 	be modified similarly).  One final MP fix to sunos5, too.  Module
  541 	for decosf1 was modified to accomodate V3.0.
  543 Mon Apr 18 1994 - wnl (3.3beta3)
  544 	I think I finally got a sunos5 module that will work on MP
  545 	machines.  Fixed cpu states figure in osmp41a so that 
  546 	percentages never exceed 100%.  Added shell script "install"
  547 	since Unix vendors can't seem to make up their minds on what
  548 	options they want to use for the one that comes with the OS.
  549 	Added netbsd modules from Christos.  Fixed lots of other little
  550 	things over the past few months that I have long since forgotten.
  552 Wed Dec 15 1993 - wnl (3.3beta2)
  553 	Added module patches from various users:  hpux9, sunos5.
  554 	Fixed bug with batch mode (screen_width wasn't getting set).
  555 	Changes to accomodate 64 bit machines.
  556 	Fixed some bugs in command parsing ("renice 19 " did something
  557 	unexpected).
  559 Mon Aug 30 1993 - wnl (3.3beta)
  560 	Added lots of little patches from various users.
  561 	Added routines to utils.c for intelligent formatting of kilobytes
  562 	and time.  These are intended to be used in the modules when
  563 	formatting a process line.  Added code to "summary_format" in
  564 	display.c to do intelligent formatting of memory quantities.
  565 	Redid display.c to allow for varying line widths and dynamic
  566 	reallocation of the screen buffer.
  567 	Added a SIGWINCH handler to top.c!
  568 	Added a constant, MAX_COLS, to top.h which defines the absolute
  569 	widest line we will ever allow.  Changed allocations of "char fmt"
  570 	in all machine modules to use this constant rather than an abitrary
  571 	number.
  573 Fri Aug 13 1993 - wnl (3.3)
  574 	Changed return value definition of time-related functions in top.c,
  575 	display.c, and m_ultrix4.c to time_t (stuart@coral.cs.jcu.edu.au).
  576 	Fixed bug in display.c: line_update when start != 0.
  578 Wed Aug  4 1993 - wnl (3.2 release)
  579 	Changes to Configure from Paul Vixie.  Added modules for hpux9 and
  580 	bsd386.
  582 Tue Jul 13 1993 - wnl (3.1 release)
  583 	More small changes and minor bug fixes.  Brought bsd44 up to date
  584 	and added a module for svr4.2.  Changed shar packaging to use Rich
  585 	Salz's cshar stuff.
  587 Wed Jul  7 1993 - wnl (3.1BETA)
  588 	More changes and bug fixes to Configure.  Applied some other
  589 	minor bug fixes and suggestions from the beta testers.  Added
  590 	the "metatop" shell script and the "installmeta" rule to the
  591 	Makefile to make handling multiple machine models and OS versions
  592 	easier.  Added INSTALL and FAQ files.
  594 Tue May 18 1993 - wnl (3.1BETA)
  595 	Changed Configure to be compatible with most SVR4 environments
  596 	(differing output from "ls -lg").  Also changed Configure,
  597 	Makefile.X, etc., to look for module files in the subdirectory
  598 	"machine" (thanks to Christos Zoulas).
  600 Tue Apr 20 1993 - wnl (3.1BETA)
  601 	Changed both occurences of "ls -1" in Configure to "ls".  This
  602 	SHOULD produce the same result, and has the advantage that it
  603 	doesn't produce an error on a system 5 machine.  Integrated other
  604 	changes recommended in the first round of beta testing.
  606 Wed Mar 10 1993 - wnl (3.1BETA)
  607 	MAJOR CHANGE:  I have added a required function to all machine
  608 	dependent modules, called proc_owner.  It takes a pid as an argument
  609 	and returns the uid of the process's owner.  Such capability is 
  610 	necessary for top to run securely as a set-uid program, something
  611 	that is needed for SVR4 implementations to read /proc.  I have
  612 	retrofitted all modules except dgux with this function, but was
  613 	not able to test most of them.  Top should now run securely as
  614 	a setuid program.  Added 386bsd and sunos5 modules.  Added sunos4mp
  615 	module for MP Suns.
  617 Sat Feb 20 1993 - wnl (3.1ALPHA)
  618 	Modified top.c and commands.c to compile correctly on System V
  619 	derived Unixes (especially SVR4), but in a way that doesn't rely
  620 	on an oracle-like declaration (that is, I don't use "ifdef SYSV").
  621 	Fixed some bugs in "Configure" and "getans".  Added inspection of
  622 	env variable "TOP" for options, and made -I default to showing
  623 	idle processes.  Added "u" command to change username restriction
  624 	on the fly.  Created shell script "suntop" for poor multi-version
  625 	SunOS folks (like myself).
  627 Wed Jun  3 1992 - wnl (3.0)
  628 	"max_topn" wasn't being used everywhere it was supposed to be
  629 	in top.c.  Many cosmetic changes, including copyright notices in
  630 	all the .c files.  Version number is now handled by version.c and
  631 	reflects the current patchlevel (which is initially set to 0).
  632 	Changed Configure and Makefile to allow configurable variables for
  633 	certain commands:  shell, cc, awk, install.  Updated README and
  634 	Porting.  Ready to release to the world!
  636 Mon May 18 1992 - wnl (2.9BETA)
  637 	Added modules provided by Christos Zoulas.  Replaced screen.c
  638 	with one modified by Christos and that will appropriately select
  639 	and handle the sgtty, termio, or termios system.  Integrated many
  640 	other changes recommended by Christos.  Fixed (I hope) the "-b"
  641 	batch mode display bug.  Had to change loadavg to load_avg to avoid
  642 	a conflict with 4.4BSD.  
  644 Mon Apr 27 1992 - wnl (2.8BETA)
  645 	Added modules provided by Daniel Trinkle.  Added patchlevel.h,
  646 	but the patch level is not yet reflected in the version number.
  647 	Cleaned up m_sunos4.c a little.
  649 Wed Apr 22 1992 - wnl (2.8BETA)
  650 	Major internal reorganization.  All of the system dependent stuff
  651 	is now really and truly separated from everything else.  The
  652 	system dependent functions are contained in a separate .c file
  653 	called a "module".  The Configure script knows how to find and
  654 	set up these modules, but the human installer still needs to tell
  655 	Configure which module to use (no automagic determination of 
  656 	machine type---sorry).  Added -U option to specify one user's
  657 	processes, but there is no corresponding command...yet.  Other
  658 	changes and improvements too numerous to mention here.  Currently
  659 	there are only two modules:  sunos4 and umax.  But after this beta
  660 	release is sent around, I expect more to be written.  I just hope
  661 	that the machine-dependent abstractions don't need to change in
  662 	the process.
  664 Thu Mar 26 1992 - wnl (2.7BETA)
  665 	Beta release with minimal architecture support.  Updated README
  666 	and added a first cut at a Porting guide.  Added ioctl TIOCGWINSZ
  667 	code from top2.5+ (courtesy of David MacKenzie).  I didn't even
  668 	try porting the Ultrix support since I don't have access to an
  669 	Ultrix machine.
  671 Fri Oct 11 1991 - wnl (2.6)
  672 	This version was not widely released.  It contained many changes.
  673 	Here are the major ones:
  675 	Put in Vixie's idle process hack.
  677 	Enhanced type field in new_message to handle delayed messages.
  679 	Changed u_process to automatically adjust for varying lines of
  680 	output.  Management of screenbuf should now be completely contained
  681 	in display.c.  Removed now extraneous code from CMD_number[12]
  682 	portion of command switch in top.c.  This was the stuff that dealt
  683 	with zeroing out lines in screenbuf.
  685 	Finally made it all work correctly on a 386i.  Problems I had to
  686 	overcome: kvm_nlist doesn't return 0 on success as advertised (it
  687 	returns 1 instead); the results of a kvm_nlist are different
  688 	(n_type can be zero even for a symbol that exists).
  690 	Serious rearrangement for processor dependent stuff.  All nlists
  691 	are now in separate files with the suffix ".nlist".  Most machine
  692 	specific code is in "machine.c" surrounded by appropriate ifdefs---
  693 	the goal is to eventually have all machine specific code in this
  694 	file.  Managed to find a way to detect SunOS 4.x at compile-time:
  695 	this is contained in the include file "sun.h".  Completely changed
  696 	the memory display line for SunOS 4.x---it now displays a far
  697 	more appropriate report.
  699 	Created the shell script "Configure" to aid in the configuration
  700 	step.
  702 	Fixed a bug in init_termcap:  it will now tolerate an environment
  703 	which does not have TERM defined (thanks to Sam Horrocks for
  704 	pointing this out).
  706 Tue Aug  9 1988 - wnl (2.5)
  707 	Added changes to make top work under version 4.0 of the Sun
  708 	operating system.  Changes were provided by Scott Alexander of the
  709 	University of Pennsylvania.  Thanks!  Compile with "-Dsunos4" to
  710 	get them.  Virtual memory statistics are not readily accessible
  711 	under 4.0, so they don't show up in the output.
  713 Thu Jul 31 1987 - wnl (2.4)
  714 	Fixed a problem with the 4.0 Pyramid code.  The label "cp_time"
  715 	doesn't exist in the 4.0 kernel anymore.  I think the code Carl
  716 	sent me wants "percpu" instead.  That is what I am using and it
  717 	appears to work.  375 code is still untested (at least by me).
  718 	Also picked a great deal of lint out of the source.  Lint now only
  719 	complains about a very few nitpicky things (there are far too many
  720 	calls to "printf" to put a "(void)" in front of!), at least under
  721 	SunOS.
  723 Tue Jul 28 1987 - wnl (2.4a)
  724 	Added changes for a Symmetrics Computer Systems s/375 machine.
  725 	Changes were provided by Paul Vixie.  Thanks!  According to Mr.
  726 	Vixie:  "These changes were not made at, by, or for SCS proper.
  727 	SCS would probably be interested in them, but so far only the
  728 	users' group has them.  They were made in February, 1987, to
  729 	version 2.1 of the program, by Paul Vixie
  730 	(dual!ptsfa!vixie!paul@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)."  His changes were
  731 	integrated into version 2.3 to make version 2.4.
  733 	The SCS peculiarities are summarized in Changes.scs.
  735 Tue Jun  9 1987 - wnl (2.3 for real)
  736 	Changed the includes for the extra code Carl sent me to only
  737 	compile on Version 4.0 Pyramid machines.  This makes top still
  738 	compilable on pre-4.0 Pyramids.  Specifically, this code is only
  739 	compiled when both "pyr" and "CPUFOUND" are defined.
  741 Wed Jun  3 1987 - wnl (2.3 with Pyramid additions)
  742 	It's been a month and I still haven't done anything about
  743 	distributing this version.  However, Carl Gutekunst from Pyramid
  744 	has sent me some extra patches for some of the Pyramid code.  I
  745 	just added those and will make them part of 2.3.  This fixes the
  746 	following Pyramid problems:  adds the inclusion of <sys/systm.h>,
  747 	uses the correct size for getting the kernel value _ccpu (this bug
  748 	affected the Vax version as well), sums the elements of the percpu
  749 	array to calculate a cp_time value (for OSx 4.0).
  751 Fri May  1 1987 - wnl (2.3)
  752 	I have finally finished all the changes for better support of
  753 	oddbal terminals.  Added the low-level routine "clear_eol" which
  754 	makes handling terminals without "ce" easy:  it uses spaces
  755 	instead.  All direct uses of "clear_line" outside of screen.c have
  756 	been changed to use this primitive.  A terminal with "os" is now
  757 	handled in such that all situations that need overwriting are
  758 	completely avoided (including several commands).  This required
  759 	some changes to the way commands are translated into action (in
  760 	"top.c").  Made several important changes to display.c to prevent
  761 	overflowing of any of the fields.  Specifically, more than 99
  762 	total processes and a cpu state that reaches 100%.  Had to make a
  763 	small change to two casts in top.c, because the Sun 3.2 compiler
  764 	was giving warnings on them.  Added the "-q" option which lets
  765 	root run top at a nice of -20 (in case he thinks he really needs it).
  767 Tue Dec 30 1986 - wnl (2.2)
  768 	I think I fixed a bug reported by Julian Onions at Nottingham.
  769 	Occasionally, top will core dump when the sprintf in either
  770 	i_process or u_process overflows due to an exceptionally
  771 	unrealistic time value.  I think it highly unlikely that top can
  772 	get a bad proc structure (although I suppose it is possible), but
  773 	the process time is read from the user structure, and that can
  774 	sometimes be part garbage.  So, "get_ucpu" checks the value it
  775 	returns to make sure its formatted form will not overflow the
  776 	sprintf.  If this doesn't fix the bug, then more drastic measures
  777 	will be necessary.  I plan to make this version the official
  778 	"top 2.2".  [[ This version was never distributed very widely. ]]
  780 Tue Dec  2 1986 - wnl (2.2c)
  781 	Added to top.c the notion of a "failed command".  When a command
  782 	produces a message (on the message line), an update does not
  783 	follow it.  Before, the message was written and a new display was
  784 	shown---purposefully not overwriting the message.  But the
  785 	improvements to handle overstriking terminals and terminals
  786 	without "ce" clear the screen before every display, which would
  787 	erase the message.  Now, the message is displayed and top waits
  788 	another full time interval before updating the display.  This
  789 	works much better all around.
  791 Mon Nov 24 1986 - wnl (2.2b)
  792 	Created a new file, utils.c, and made appropriate changes to
  793 	Makefile.  This new file holds all utility functions that can and
  794 	may be used by more than one "module".  Improved i_memory and
  795 	u_memory (display.c) so that screen updates for the values
  796 	displayed are only changed when necessary.  Also made the line
  797 	look better:  the last fixes made for a rather ugly display.
  798 	Added the locally defined constant "LoadMax" and added code to
  799 	top.c to send the cursor home after a space command is entered if
  800 	the load average is higher than "LoadMax".  This provides visual
  801 	feedback on loaded systems.
  803 Mon Nov  3 1986 - wnl (2.2a)
  804 	Widened the format for memory usage so that it can display 5
  805 	digits.  This makes that line look a little ugly---maybe I'll fix
  806 	that later.  Screen handling now understands "os" and a missing
  807 	"ce".  It treats them identically:  clear the screen between each
  808 	display.  Screen handling code now uses "cd" when appropriate
  809 	(i.e.:  when user has shortened the screen).  Made i_loadave clear
  810 	then screen and took out most of the explicit calls to "clear" in
  811 	top.c.  This method is cleaner, especially in conjunction with
  812 	"os" handling.  Added preprocessor variable "RANDOM_PW" for
  813 	systems that access the passwd file randomly (Sun's yp and 4.3).
  814 	With "RANDOM_PW" set, "getpwuid" is used instead of "getpwnam",
  815 	but uid->username mappings are still hashed internally (because
  816 	that is still faster than going to disk).
  818 Mon Oct  6 1986 - wnl (2.1)
  819 	A bug with the kill command was pointed out by "dciem!tim"---
  820 	specifying a signal by name did not work correctly.  This bug has
  821 	been fixed with a simple change to commands.c.  Another bug made
  822 	the cpu state percentages incorrect the first time they were
  823 	displayed.  This bug has also been fixed (changed top.c).
  825 Thu Sep  4 1986 - wnl (2.0, at last)
  826 	This is the version that will (hopefully) get released to the
  827 	world as top 2.0.
  828 	Added the "r" and "k" commands for renice and kill, respectively.
  829 	This required adding a way to handle system call errors, and the
  830 	addition of the "e" command.  Help screen and manual page were
  831 	changed to reflect this change.  Changed all "#ifdef SUN" directives
  832 	to "#ifdef sun", and changed all "#ifdef PYRAMID" directives to
  833 	"#ifdef pyr".  As much as I hate those choices of preprocessor
  834 	names (they too easily conflict with real variable names), it does
  835 	make automatic compilation possible---people don't have to change
  836 	the Makefile anymore for specific machines.  The manual page was
  837 	changed to automatically incorporate the defaults as set in the
  838 	Makefile (including an infinite value for TOPN) and the way the
  839 	manual page is generated by the Makefile was changed to make
  840 	maintenance of this information automatic.
  842 Mon Jul 28 1986 - wnl (still pre 2.0)
  843 	Real close now.  I put in a new definition for the macro "pagetok"
  844 	that does an explicit shift of a constant expression involving
  845 	PGSHIFT.  Appropriate checks are made if PGSHIFT is to small.
  846 	"pagetok" is now used exclusively everywhere to convert kernel
  847 	clicks to kilobytes.  I added a full blown interactive mode with
  848 	the ability to change some of the runtime parameters (how many to
  849 	display, time delay, etc.) while top is running.  I also
  850 	incorporated a few ideas from the net:  control characters in the
  851 	command name are replaced with '?'; the '-S' option makes the
  852 	swapper and pager visible; options have been added to control the
  853 	number of displays produced (this makes it easier to make
  854 	performance snapshots with top).  I have also added the notion of
  855 	"infinite" values for number of processes and number of displays.
  856 	I fixed a long-standing bug in the uid to username mapping code
  857 	that was only aggravated on the pyramids:  it was an ill-defined
  858 	expression (akin to i = i++).  I tweaked the proc_compar routine
  859 	for qsort slightly so that stopped processes were more likely to
  860 	show up.  Manual page was updated to reflect all changes
  861 	noticeable to the user.
  863 Tue Jul  1 1986 - wnl (pre 2.0 -- 1.9999?)
  864 	In the process of major revamping on the way to version 2.0.
  865 	I have completely done away with curses by adding my own screen
  866 	management routines in a separate file (screen.c).  The rationale
  867 	for this is that top knows a whole lot more about what is and is
  868 	not redundant on the screen and can compare simple integer values
  869 	where curses would have to compare strings.  This has turned out
  870 	to be a very big win speed-wise.  The proc_compar routine for
  871 	sorting has been rewritten to include several more keys.  I
  872 	decided this was necessary when I noticed that the "top" process
  873 	itself kept disappearing off the top 10 list on a Sun-3.  All the
  874 	processes had the same percentage (0%) and the sort wasn't really
  875 	doing anything worthwhile.  I changed the expression that computes
  876 	memory usage to use the ctob macro instead of just assuming that
  877 	pages were 512 bytes.  More work still needs to be done before
  878 	this version is usable.  I changed options-processing to use
  879 	getopt and added appropriate incantations to the Makefile.
  881 Wed Feb 20 1985 - wnl (still 1.8)
  882 	Put in the ifdef FOUR_ONE statements to make top still compilable
  883 	on a 4.1 system.  Apparently, there are some users out there that
  884 	need this functionality.  Oh well.  I don't guarantee any of it,
  885 	since I can't test it.  Made appropriate changes to README and
  886 	final installation related changes to Makefile.
  888 Sat Feb  2 1985 - wnl (1.8)
  889 	Removed all the ifdef FOUR_TWO statements and made "top" into a
  890 	4.2 only program.  If someone really wants to still run it on 4.1,
  891 	then they can do all the work.  We don't have a 4.1 machine
  892 	anymore, so I don't even know if the thing still works under 4.1.
  893 	Cleaned up the Makefile and the README.  Added installation rules
  894 	to the Makefile, as requested by several sites.  Fixed a very
  895 	obscure divide-by-zero bug.  Added a second "key" to the qsort
  896 	comparison function (proc_compar) so that comparisons are based on
  897 	cpu ticks if the percentages are equal (provided by Jonathon
  898 	Feiber at Sun).
  900 Tue Dec 11 1984 - wnl (1.7)
  901 	Added the virtual and real memory status line to the header area
  902 	(provided by Jonathon Feiber at Sun)
  904 Tue Nov 20 1984 - wnl (1.6)
  905 	Added an "exit" if sbrk's fail.  Added changes from Jonathon
  906 	Feiber at Sun:  ifdef SUN to make top work on Suns (they don't use
  907 	doubles in the proc structure), register declarations, check for
  908 	getting a user structure that has disappeared since the proc array
  909 	was read (it used to die, now it just shows the process as swapped).
  911 Tue Nov 13 1984 - wnl (1.5)
  912 	If the number of displayable processes ("active_procs") was less
  913 	than the number of requested processes ("topn"), top would
  914 	segmentation fault.  This bug has been fixed.  Thanks to Prentiss
  915 	Riddle at ut-sally for pointing out the existence of this bug.
  917 Tue Oct 23 1984 - wnl (1.4)
  918 	Finally fixed the hash table bug that caused processes owned by
  919 	root to sometimes appear with either no name or a different name
  920 	that had UID 0 (such as "operator").  Removed all the ifdef DEBUG
  921 	blocks to make top ready for distribution to the real world.
  923 Sun Apr  8 1984 - wnl (still 1.3)
  924 	Made some slight changes to the display format.  It now looks more
  925 	aesthetically pleasing.  Added some preprocessor constants so that
  926 	the two defaults (number of processes and seconds of delay) easier
  927 	to change.
  929 Thu Apr  5 1984 - wnl (1.3)
  930 	Changed the order in which things are done at initialization time.
  931 	This way, if an error occurs before starting the main loop, curses
  932 	will never get started.  Also changed other error handlers so that
  933 	endwin() is called before any flavor of exit.  Specifying a number
  934 	of processes that is more than the screen can handle is no longer
  935 	fatal.  It displays a warning message and pretends the user
  936 	specified the maximum for the screen.  Finally cured all the TSTP
  937 	blues (well, almost all).  I removed my TSTP handler and convinced
  938 	the system to always use the one that curses sets up.  Turns out
  939 	that "sleep" was stepping all over it during a pause.  So, I don't
  940 	use sleep anymore.  The only problem that remains with it now is
  941 	redrawing the old display before updating it after a pause.
  943 Tue Apr  3 1984 - wnl (from 1.0 to 1.2)
  944 	I changed the format of the TIME column from just "seconds" to
  945 	"minutes:seconds".  I also made pausing work correctly.  Screen
  946 	redraws with an up to date display.  For compatibility with 4.2, I
  947 	changed the name of the "zero" function to "bzero".  The makefile
  948 	has been altered to handle versions for 4.1 and 4.2, and README
  949 	has been updated to reflect these recent changes.