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    1 Begin3
    2 Title:          ted-2.23-linux-amd64
    3 Version:        2.23
    4 Entered-date:   04FEB13
    5 Description:    Ted is an easy rich text processor. It can edit RTF files
    6 		in a wysiwyg manner. It supports multiple fonts and can
    7 		print to PostScript printers.
    8 		It consists of a general part: The program, afm files
    9 		and an American spelling checker.
   10 		Additional packages with spell checkers for different
   11 		languages exist.
   12 		This package is the general part, compiled for linux-amd64
   13 Keywords:       RTF text spelling
   14 Author:         Mark de Does
   15 Maintained-by:  Mark de Does
   16 Primary-site:   http://www.nllgg.nl/Ted/index.html
   17 Copying-policy: GPL
   18 End