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    1 SMSLink Web Interface Installation Procedure
    2 ============================================
    3 (Last modified on 25/06/99)
    5 1./ Install the HTML document.
    6     Copy the file called index.html to some place under your web site's
    7     document-root.
    9 2./ Customize the HTML doc.
   10     Some items on the page will have to be changed to match your site
   11     setup. Among those are:
   12     - the URL leading to the CGI script
   13     - the email address of your local webmaster
   14     - the choice of included logos at the bottom of the page
   16     This page also contains an informational blurb about SMS in general
   17     in its routing between networks in particular. You might want to 
   18     review this to make sure it's relevant in your case (or to delete
   19     it alltogether).
   21 3./ Install the CGI script.
   22     Copy the file called smsgw.pl to your cgi-bin/ directory. If you're
   23     working with a recent version of Apache (as of 1.3.x for sure), the
   24     server by default doesn't allow a CGI script to call any program
   25     outside of the cgi-bin tree (for security reason). What you'll
   26     want to do in this case is either create in the cgi-bin/ a symlink
   27     to the sms client program (normally in /usr/local/bin), or copy the
   28     executable to the cgi-bin/ directory. Both ways work.
   30 4./ Customize the CGI script.
   31     In the case your http server restricts the execution of programs
   32     outside of the cgi-bin tree, it also strips the environment. So,
   33     you'll have to adapt the system() call in the script by giving the
   34     path (be it relative) to the sendsms utility. For instance:
   36     $retval = system ("./sendsms", "-d$dest", "-u$userid", ...
   38     On this same line, also replace my server name (zenobe) with yours.