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Member "mapm_4.9.5a/WINDOWS_DOS/mkalldmc.bat" (21 Feb 2010, 2090 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/old/mapm-4.9.5a.tar.gz:

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    1 rem
    2 rem  mkalldmc.bat
    3 rem
    4 rem  Build batch file for Digital Mars Compiler
    5 rem  Tested with version 8.49 (8.42n from command line output)
    6 rem
    7 rem
    8 rem  compile the MAPM library files
    9 rem
   10 del map*.obj
   11 rem
   12 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_add.c
   13 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_cpi.c
   14 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_div.c
   15 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_exp.c
   16 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_fam.c
   17 dmc -c -o -wx -w7 mapm_fft.c
   18 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_flr.c
   19 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_fpf.c
   20 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_gcd.c
   21 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_log.c
   22 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_lg2.c
   23 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_lg3.c
   24 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_lg4.c
   25 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_mul.c
   26 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_pow.c
   27 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_rcp.c
   28 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_rnd.c
   29 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_set.c
   30 dmc -c -o -wx mapm_sin.c
   31 dmc -c -o -wx mapm5sin.c
   32 dmc -c -o -wx mapmasin.c
   33 dmc -c -o -wx mapmasn0.c
   34 dmc -c -o -wx mapmcbrt.c
   35 dmc -c -o -wx mapmcnst.c
   36 dmc -c -o -wx mapmfact.c
   37 dmc -c -o -wx mapmfmul.c
   38 dmc -c -o -wx mapmgues.c
   39 dmc -c -o -wx mapmhasn.c
   40 dmc -c -o -wx mapmhsin.c
   41 dmc -c -o -wx mapmipwr.c
   42 dmc -c -o -wx mapmistr.c
   43 dmc -c -o -wx mapmpwr2.c
   44 dmc -c -o -wx mapmrsin.c
   45 dmc -c -o -wx mapmsqrt.c
   46 dmc -c -o -wx mapmstck.c
   47 dmc -c -o -wx mapmutil.c
   48 dmc -c -o -wx mapmutl1.c
   49 dmc -c -o -wx mapmutl2.c
   50 rem
   51 rem
   52 rem build the library and delete object files
   53 rem
   54 del mapm.lib
   55 rem
   56 lib -c mapm mapm_add.obj mapm_cpi.obj mapm_div.obj mapm_exp.obj mapm_fam.obj
   57 lib -n mapm mapm_fft.obj mapm_flr.obj mapm_fpf.obj mapm_gcd.obj mapm_log.obj
   58 lib -n mapm mapm_lg2.obj mapm_lg3.obj mapm_lg4.obj mapm_mul.obj mapm_pow.obj
   59 lib -n mapm mapm_rcp.obj mapm_rnd.obj mapm_set.obj mapm_sin.obj mapm5sin.obj
   60 lib -n mapm mapmasin.obj mapmasn0.obj mapmcbrt.obj mapmcnst.obj mapmfact.obj
   61 lib -n mapm mapmfmul.obj mapmgues.obj mapmhasn.obj mapmhsin.obj mapmipwr.obj
   62 lib -n mapm mapmistr.obj mapmpwr2.obj mapmrsin.obj mapmsqrt.obj mapmstck.obj
   63 lib -n mapm mapmutil.obj mapmutl1.obj mapmutl2.obj
   64 rem
   65 del map*.obj
   66 rem
   67 rem
   68 rem  build the 3 demo programs
   69 rem
   70 rem
   71 dmc -c -o -wx calc.c 
   72 link calc mapm.lib
   73 del  calc.obj
   74 rem
   75 dmc -c -o -wx primenum.c 
   76 link primenum mapm.lib
   77 del  primenum.obj
   78 rem
   79 dmc -c -o -wx validate.c 
   80 link validate mapm.lib
   81 del  validate.obj
   82 rem
   83 rem