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TJC Compiler Manual
JDK Config File

The JDK config file tells tjc where to find the javac and jar executables for your system. It must be named jdk.cfg and it must be located in the bin/ directory where the tjc script was installed. The JDK config file also sets the CLASSPATH environment variable that will be used when compiling with javac. For most users, the classpath will just need to include paths for the tcljava.jar, jacl.jar, and tjc.jar files from a Jacl install.


JAVAC = C:/jdk14/bin/javac
JAR = C:/jdk14/bin/jar
CLASSPATH = C:/install/tjc/lib/tcljava1.3.1/jacl.jar;C:/install/tjc/lib/tcljava1.3.1/tcljava.jar;C:/install/tjc/lib/tcljava1.3.1/tjc.jar

In the above example, JDK software is installed in C:/jdk14. The CLASSPATH variable is set to include paths of tcljava.jar, jacl.jar, and tjc.jar. The jar files were installed into this directory when Jacl was installed into C:/install/tjc, but the jar files could be located anywhere on the filesystem as long as the CLASSPATH is set properly.

In the example above, the tjc install dir is C:/install/tjc, so the JDK config file must be saved in C:/install/tjc/bin/jdk.cfg.