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    2     Ghostview -- An X11 user interface for ghostscript.
    4 Ghostview is full function user interface for ghostscript 2.4 and later.
    6 Brief list of features:
    7   - Ghostview parses any known version of Adobe's Document Structuring
    8     Conventions.
    9   - Page size is automatically determined from the Document Structuring
   10     Comments.  The user is able to override the values from the comments.
   11   - Window size is set to the bounding box for Encapsulated PostScript figures.
   12   - Default page size is Letter and can be changed via Xresources or
   13     application defaults file to A4 (or any other valid size) for our
   14     European friends.
   15   - Scrollbars appear when necessary.
   16   - Page orientation is automatically determined from the Document Structuring
   17     Comments.  The user is able to override the values from the comments.
   18   - Ability to view at 4 orientations: Portrait, Landscape, Upside-down,
   19     and Seascape (for those who rotate landscape the other direction).
   20   - Ability to restrict rendering to grayscale or monochrome.   (Requires
   21     ghostscript 2.6.1.)
   22   - Ability to mark pages for printing, or saving.  (Good for people that
   23     printed a 100 page document and lost page 59 due to a printer jam.)
   24   - Can popup zoom windows at printer resolution
   25     (1 display dot = 1 printer dot).
   27     The Ghostview distribution includes a Ghostview Widget that people
   28     are encouraged to use in other programs.
   30     Ghostview-1.5 is available via anonymous ftp from:
   31 	prep.ai.mit.edu:/pub/gnu/ghostview-1.5.tar.gz
   32 	ftp.cs.wisc.edu:/pub/X/ghostview-1.5.tar.gz
   34     This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   35     it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   36     the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   37     (at your option) any later version.
   39     This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   40     but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   42     GNU General Public License for more details.
   44 Building ghostview:
   46     If you have xmkmf, type "xmkmf", and then "make".
   47     If not, manually edit the Makefile.
   49 Feedback
   51     I welcome any feedback that you care to give.  Of course, I am interested
   52     in your success stories.  I will also try to help you if you have problems.
   53     However, I cannot make any promise of support.
   55     Please send all feedback to ghostview@cs.wisc.edu.  This is a spare time
   56     project and all the mail regarding ghostview must be directed to a
   57     separate mail box otherwise your mail may very well get lost in the cracks.
   59 Frequently asked questions:
   61     1.  Why does half the functionality of ghostview seem to be missing?
   62 	I cannot skip around in the document.  I cannot select pages to
   63 	print.  There are no page numbers in the table of contents.
   65 	The problem is that the document does not have the document
   66 	structuring comments.  Without them, ghostview cannot tell where
   67 	pages start and end.  Also, when reading from stdin there is no
   68 	capability to skip around.
   70     2.  Whenever I ask ghostview to display a page, a separate ghostscript
   71 	window pops up and disappears when ghostscript is done rendering
   72 	the page.  How to I get ghostscript to write on the ghostview window?
   74 	You must be running ghostscript 2.4 or later for ghostview to work
   75 	properly.  You can pick up the current copy of ghostscript from
   76 	the same place you got ghostview.
   78     3.  When I start ghostview, the information window pops up with:
   79 	"Warning: Could not allocate backing pixmap in main window."
   80 	What does this mean?
   82 	Ghostscript draws into a backing pixmap and copies from the
   83 	pixmap to the window.  Some X servers have limited resources for
   84 	pixmaps.  Creating the backing pixmap failed.  Ghostview will then 
   85 	request backing store on the window.  If the backing store request
   86 	is not honored, obscured portions of the window will be lost.
   88 	You might also request a smaller window by setting a smaller
   89 	magstep or setting a smaller resolution.
   91     4.  When I start ghostview, sometimes I get this error:
   92 	"Error: SmeBSB Object: Left Bitmap of entry  "0" is not one bit deep.."
   93 	Other times it works.  What is going wrong?
   95 	The only time this problem occurs is when an OpenWindows X server
   96 	is the display.  It is likely a server problem.  I have placed a
   97 	work around in ghostview that turns off all use of bitmaps.  The
   98 	-openwindows option enables this work around.  However, with it
   99 	enabled the current magstep, orientation, and media cannot be
  100 	marked in the popup menus.
  102     5.  Sometimes ghostview produces an endless stream of this message:
  103 	"Warning: Select failed; error code 9".
  105 	Users have reported that this occurs on machines with a SYSV
  106 	and BSD library.  The problem went away when they linked with the
  107 	BSD library rather than the default SYSV library.
  109 	This also occurs on some SPARCS running SunOS.  This does not happen
  110 	for me and must be due to some differences in libraries or environment.
  111 	I have placed a SPARC executable (compiled on SunOS 4.1 with X11R5pl10
  112 	libraries statically linked in) on ftp.cs.wisc.edu for people
  113 	in this situation.
  115     6.  When using ncdwm, sometimes the window shrinks to an extremely
  116 	small size.
  118 	Either use the -ncdwm option to work around the problem, or apply
  119 	fix-10 to X11R5.
  121     7.  Ghostview pops up the information window with the message
  122 	"Exec of gs failed".  It never displays anything in the main
  123 	viewport.  What went wrong?
  125 	Either ghostscript is not installed or it cannot be found in
  126 	your PATH.  Please pick up the latest copy of ghostcript from
  127 	the same place you got ghostview and install it.
  129 Acknowledgements
  131     I really should put down the names of all the people who have given
  132     me suggestions and encouragement.  (But I don't want to hold up the
  133     release any longer. :-)
  135     I do want to thank a few people.
  137     - Karl Berry, for getting me into this mess :-) by soliciting for
  138       volunteers.
  139     - L. Peter Deutsch, for making ghostscript the good interpreter that
  140       it is and for working with me to include modifications in support of
  141       ghostview.
  142     - Erik M. van der Poel, for writing a good publicly available file
  143       selection widget that I was able incorporate into ghostview.
  144     - Terry Poot, for porting ghostview to VMS.
  146 NOTE: PLEASE send all ghostview related mail to ghostview@cs.wisc.edu.
  148 ...Tim
  150           Tim Theisen            Associate Researcher
  151 Internet: ghostview@cs.wisc.edu  Department of Computer Sciences
  152     UUCP: uwvax!ghostview        University of Wisconsin-Madison
  153    Phone: (608)262-0438          1210 West Dayton Street
  154      FAX: (608)262-9777          Madison, WI   53706-1685