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    1 ===============================================================
    2 README.TXT         2001-10-28
    3 ===============================================================
    5 RedMon - Redirection Port Monitor
    6 for Windows 95/98, NT 2000 and 4.0.
    7 Version 1.7
    9 ========
   10 Overview
   11 ========
   12  The RedMon port monitor redirects a special printer port
   13  to a program.  RedMon is commonly used with Ghostscript and 
   14  a non-PostScript printer to emulate a PostScript printer,
   15  or with Ghostscript as a PDF writer.
   17  RedMon can be used with any program that accepts data on
   18  standard input.
   20  Using RedMon you create redirected printer ports.  If you connect a
   21  Windows printer driver to the redirected printer port, all data sent
   22  to the redirected port will be forwarded by RedMon to the
   23  standard input of a program.  This program is then responsible
   24  for processing the data and producing new output.
   26  A PostScript Windows printer redirected to a RedMon port can 
   27  be shared on a network.
   28  When this printer is configured to use Ghostscript and a non-PostScript
   29  printer, it appears as a PostScript printer to other network clients.
   31  RedMon can create a PDF writer using a PostScript printer driver 
   32  and the Ghostscript pdfwrite output device.
   34  Configuring `RedMon` is not a job for novices.
   36  RedMon supports Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 and NT 4.0.
   38 ============
   39 Installation
   40 ============
   41  To read the documentation, run 'winhelp redmon.hlp'
   42  To install, run 'setup.exe'
   44 =================
   45 RedPr - RED PRint
   46 =================
   47  A command line utility "redpr" is included to copy files to
   48  a printer.  This is similar to the GSview "File | Print File"
   49  or the DOS "COPY /B filename LPT1:".
   50  RedPr copies files to a specified Windows printer queue.
   51  The RedMon install program does not install RedPr.
   52  If you want to use RedPr, you will need to copy it to
   53  a directory on your path.
   56  Syntax is 
   57    redpr [-P"printer"] [-pport] [-b] [-h] [-v] filename ...
   58      -P"printer"  Specify target printer
   59      -pport       Target port
   60      -b           Bi-directional.  Attempt to read from printer.
   61      -h           Help
   62      -v           Verbose.  Display debugging messages.
   64  Printer names may be either the Windows 95/NT printer name
   65  such as "Apple LaserWriter II NT", or a port name such
   66  as "LPT1:".   If a port name is used, redpr will replace it 
   67  with the name of the first printer to use that port.
   69  Examples:
   70      redpr -P"Apple LaserWriter II NT" file.ps
   71      redpr -pLPT1: file.ps
   72      redpr file.ps
   74  Actually, -P and -p are interchangeable.  RedPr first looks
   75  for a printer with the given name. If that fails it tries to 
   76  find a printer which uses the given port.  The default printer 
   77  will be used if no printer or port is specified.
   79  Bi-directional mode works under Windows 95 with a communications port.
   80  It will not work at all under Windows NT.
   81  When using bi-directional mode, the file is sent directly to
   82  the printer without being spooled.
   83  Bi-directional operation is slow because for each 4096 bytes written 
   84  to the printer, an attempt is made to read from the printer,
   85  which usually blocks for a few seconds until a timeout occurs.
   87  If you get sick of typing in long printer names, make a batch
   88  file wpr.bat which contains
   89    @redpr -P"Apple LaserWriter II NT" %1 %2 %3 %4
   90  with your appropriate printer name.
   92 =========================
   93 RedRun - Redirect and Run
   94 =========================
   95  RedRun copies standard input to a temporary file, then runs a 
   96  program.  RedRun is designed to link RedMon with a program that 
   97  wants its input in a file, not stdin.
   99  An example for Windows 95 is running GSview.
  100  In RedMon, the program to run would be
  101    c:\gstools\redrun.exe
  102  and the arguments would be
  103    c:\gstools\gsview\gsview32.exe %1
  105  For Windows NT, it is recommended that you DO NOT USE RedRun 
  106  to start GSview.  RedRun and any program started by it will 
  107  have the same security attributes as the print spooler.
  108  Apart from the fact that GSview won't work because it can't
  109  find its initialization file, using RedRun under Windows NT
  110  is a security risk.
  112  When started, RedRun will write standard input to a 
  113  temporary file, until it reaches end of file.  It will then 
  114  start the specified program.  RedRun will wait until the 
  115  specified program terminates, then will delete the temporary
  116  and terminate itself.
  118 ==========================
  119 RedFile - Redirect to File
  120 ==========================
  121  Copy standard input to a named file.
  122  RedFile can be used to capture printer output redirected by RedMon.
  124  Usage: redfile filename
  126  Example:
  127    echo test | redfile testfile.txt
  128    echo test > testfile.txt\n\
  129  These are equivalent, but when using RedMon you can't use the
  130  latter because '>' redirection isn't available.
  132  You can place an integer format specifier in filename to
  133  create numbered files.  For example
  134    redfile test%04d.txt
  135  First use will write test0000.txt, second use test0001.txt.
  137  You could could connect a printer to FILE:, but you keep getting
  138  a prompt for the filename.
  139  Instead of using RedMon and RedFile, in Windows 95 you can edit
  140  win.ini [Ports] to add a named file.  This might not work under
  141  Windows NT.
  143  For Windows NT, if RedFile is started from RedMon, it will run 
  144  with the security attributes of the print spooler.
  145  Any files created by RedFile might not be readable by the
  146  user who started the print job.
  148 ============
  149 Translations
  150 ============
  151  Thanks to Michael Basler for the German translation,
  152  to Cyrille Chevallet for the French translation, and 
  153  to Ulf Axelsson for the Swedish translation.
  155 =======================
  156 Copyright and Licensing
  157 =======================
  158   Copyright (C) 1997-2001, Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd.  All rights reserved.
  160  This file is part of RedMon.
  162  This program is distributed with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.  No author
  163  or distributor accepts any responsibility for the consequences of using it,
  164  or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all, unless he
  165  or she says so in writing.  Refer to the RedMon Free Public Licence
  166  (the "Licence") for full details.
  168  Every copy of RedMon must include a copy of the Licence, normally in a
  169  plain ASCII text file named LICENCE.  The Licence grants you the right
  170  to copy, modify and redistribute RedMon, but only under certain conditions
  171  described in the Licence.  Among other things, the Licence requires that
  172  the copyright notice and this notice be preserved on all copies.
  174      Author: Russell Lang, Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd
  175    Internet: http://www.ghostgum.com.au/
  177 ==============================================================