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Member "gs8.54/lib/bj8.rpd" (14 Apr 2000, 639 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/old/ghost/AFPL/gs854/gs854os2.zip:

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    2 StartEntry: U_CanonBJC8200
    3 GSDriver: uniprint 
    4 Description: {Canon BJC-8200 (UP)}
    5 About: { \
    6 	 Canon BJC-8200 uniprint driver settings.\
    7        }
    8 Resolution: {NA} {NA} {}
    9   BitsPerPixel: {bj8pp12f} {1200x1200DpI, photo paper pro, color, rendered}
   10   BitsPerPixel: {bj8hg12f} {1200x1200DpI, high gloss photo film, color, rendered}
   11   BitsPerPixel: {bj8gc12f} {1200x1200DpI, glossy photo cards, color, rendered}
   12   BitsPerPixel: {bj8oh06n} {600x600DpI, transparencies, color, rendered}
   13   BitsPerPixel: {bj8ts06n} {600x600DpI, t-shirt transfer, color, rendered}
   14   BitsPerPixel: {bj8pa06n} {600x600DpI, plain paper, color, rendered}
   16 EndEntry
   17 #