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  • Changed Modules

    This section contains only summaries. See User's Reference for details. Alternatively, you can click on a module name to go directly to that module's description.

    Categorize A new option to set Categorize to not sort the added lookup table. Categorize's hash function for vector data now creates more unique hash keys, extending its capabilities for vectors.
    Colormap Corrected a bug where the Colors were not shown correctly when the graphics environment was set to thousands of colors.
    Histogram Fixed an improper array handling bug.
    ImportSpreadsheet Can now import one row data files. Fixed for importing large integers.
    Inquire New test "is data string" answers the question if the data component is string data.
    Plot New column chart feature. Set the "column" attribute on the field or group to 1.
    Replace srcfield can now be a field, value list, or string list (string list was added).
    Select Now correctly excludes string list based input.
    Text Now allows for multi-line annotation. Just use a new line character ("\n") where the line break should be placed.
    WriteImage Added the ability resize an image using the ImageMagick supported format using the Lanczos interpolation function. This can provide subsampling and create a nice anti-aliased resultant image.

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