IBM Visualization Data Explorer Programmer's Reference

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DXPrint, DXPrintV


Print an Object according to specified formatting options.


#include <dx/dx.h>

Error DXPrint(Object o, char *options, ...)
Error DXPrintV(Object o, char *options, char **components)

Functional Details

In the case of DXPrint, the arguments following options should consist of a NULL-terminated list of strings. These strings specify the components of a Field to which the options should be applied. Alternatively, the components may all be specified together in a NULL-terminated Array of strings and supplied as the components argument to DXPrintV.

If components is not specified or is NULL, the formatting options are applied to all components.

If o is a Group or other Object capable of containing another Object, then it is traversed in a depth-first order, and the appropriate printing options are applied for the particular Object currently being visited. If the Object being printed is not a Field, then the specified component names are ignored.

The formatting options are:

See also Print in IBM Visualization Data Explorer User's Reference.

Return Value

Returns OK or returns NULL and sets an error code.

See Also

DXTypeSize, DXCategorySize, DXGetType

"Setting Data Types".

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