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    1 The Aspell German 20030222 dictionary is generated from the
    2 igerman98-20030222 dictionary.
    4 The affix file used is combination of the affix file used for the
    5 German and Swiss dictionary found in the original package.  A new flag
    6 was created when the original affix flag for the Swiss affix file was
    7 different from the German affix file.
    9 The source wordlist included affix information, however, affix
   10 compression IS NOT enabled since there is also a phonet file for the
   11 German language.  If you wish to use affix compression simply add the
   12 line:
   13   affix-compress true
   14 to the file "de.dat".
   16 Kevin Atkinson
   17 2004-11-03