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About: KASH is a shell for computational algebraic number theory with pascal-like programming language. Database functions and a package for elliptic curves.

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Home page: https://www.math.tu-berlin.de/~kant/kash.html
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   MD5 (KASH3-lib-archindep-2008-07-31.tar.gz): 74526165018aeb5bdc9df89d7ccfdb89
  SHA1 (KASH3-lib-archindep-2008-07-31.tar.gz): bcd8342941188ba299b4b7a80a261ffed262455d
SHA256 (KASH3-lib-archindep-2008-07-31.tar.gz): 6297bac9febc8831d230a601cb2e22e1640069077d28b72580d36fe681fdb815

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