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Member "nnn-4.4/misc/quitcd/quitcd.csh" (23 Nov 2021, 504 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/nnn-v4.4.tar.gz:

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    1 # NOTE: set NNN_TMPFILE correctly if you use 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME'
    3 # The behaviour is set to cd on quit (nnn checks if NNN_TMPFILE is set)
    4 # To cd on quit only on ^G, set NNN_TMPFILE after nnn invocation
    5 # A custom path can also be set e.g. set NNN_TMPFILE=/tmp/.lastd
    6 set NNN_TMPFILE=~/.config/nnn/.lastd
    8 # Unmask ^Q (, ^V etc.) (if required, see `stty -a`) to Quit nnn
    9 # stty start undef
   10 # stty stop undef
   11 # stty lwrap undef
   12 # stty lnext undef
   14 alias n 'nnn; source "$NNN_TMPFILE"; rm -f "$NNN_TMPFILE"'