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    1 libssh2 1.9.0
    3 This release includes the following enhancements and bugfixes:
    5  o adds ECDSA keys and host key support when using OpenSSL
    6  o adds ED25519 key and host key support when using OpenSSL 1.1.1
    7  o adds OpenSSH style key file reading
    8  o adds AES CTR mode support when using WinCNG
    9  o adds PEM passphrase protected file support for Libgcrypt and WinCNG
   10  o adds SHA256 hostkey fingerprint
   11  o adds libssh2_agent_get_identity_path() and libssh2_agent_set_identity_path()
   12  o adds explicit zeroing of sensitive data in memory
   13  o adds additional bounds checks to network buffer reads
   14  o adds the ability to use the server default permissions when creating sftp directories
   15  o adds support for building with OpenSSL no engine flag
   16  o adds support for building with LibreSSL
   17  o increased sftp packet size to 256k
   18  o fixed oversized packet handling in sftp
   19  o fixed building with OpenSSL 1.1
   20  o fixed a possible crash if sftp stat gets an unexpected response
   21  o fixed incorrect parsing of the KEX preference string value
   22  o fixed conditional RSA and AES-CTR support
   23  o fixed a small memory leak during the key exchange process
   24  o fixed a possible memory leak of the ssh banner string
   25  o fixed various small memory leaks in the backends
   26  o fixed possible out of bounds read when parsing public keys from the server
   27  o fixed possible out of bounds read when parsing invalid PEM files
   28  o no longer null terminates the scp remote exec command
   29  o now handle errors when diffie hellman key pair generation fails
   30  o fixed compiling on Windows with the flag STDCALL=ON
   31  o improved building instructions
   32  o improved unit tests
   34 This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
   35 advice from friends like these:
   37   Peter Surge, Will Cosgrove, Daniel Stenberg, Alex Arslan, Alex Crichton, 
   38   Thomas Bleeker, Keno Fischer, Marc Hörsken, Marcel Raad, Viktor Szakats,
   39   Kamil Dudka, Panos, Etienne Samson, Tseng Jun, Brendan Shanks, doublex,
   40   Erik B, Jakob Egger, Thomas Lochmatter, alex-weaver, Adrian Moran, Zenju,
   41   gartens, Matthew D. Fuller, Ryan Kelley, Zhen-Huan HWANG, Orivej Desh, 
   42   Alexander Curtiss
   44   (29 contributors)