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    1 The files in this directory are used in the MMAL/RaspberryPI camera
    2 support code. The files were taken from the Raspberry PI userland git
    3 repository:
    5 https://github.com/raspberrypi/userland
    7 The files are mostly a straight copy from the userland versions. Only
    8 the "RaspiCamControl.c" file was altered to include the
    9 "mmal_status_to_int" function defined in the helper module
   10 "RaspiHelpers.h". The callout to the helper module was therefore
   11 removed. The inserted "mmal_status_to_int" function is an exact copy
   12 from the helper module.
   14 Additional Revision:
   15 Added more default values to raspicamcontrol_set_defaults
   17 They are used to parse an options string and setup the camera
   18 parameters appropriately. The format of the string is the same as
   19 other raspberry pi camera tools.